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Varr's Puzzle #6
« on: August 07, 2005, 05:14:37 pm »
Been a long time since I posted a puzzle here. Unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes.  Anyway, here is one I have been working on. In fact, I have been hesitant to post it because I'm not even sure what the correct answer is. As such, I thought it might be fun to make it into a sort of competition. I'll post the puzzle details here and I'll open an answer thread for us to post our lowest totals.  That's right, the object of the puzzle is to find the lowest value in which to complete it. (I'll try to provide an exact answer later)

You are given a 7x7 grid. You must make a path that starts and ends anywhere along the edge. The path must cross each space at least once. Each space you move costs you.  It costs 1 for each corner and 2 for each straight piece. Sound easy? But theres a catch. The path is only allowed to turn in one direction the entire time. Though it can cross over itself, at additional cost of course.
For example:

This path consists of 39 straights and 13 corners, for a total of 39*2+13 = 91.

What is the lowest cost for the path given the rules I outlined here?  (hint: it's lower than 91 '<img'> )

EDIT: just to make it clear, no diagnals are allowed. Turns must be 90 degrees.