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cause the rat:
Alien abductions. Don't know why I thought about this. Just popped in my head. The reason red necks are the only people to get anal probed is because their minds aren't worth probing. 

Jade Sinapu:
You can buy parts on flea-bay to make a high powered solid state laser capable of burning through steel, and remove that stubborn stain on your teeth.
I am not joking, I just found parts to make a laser that would be illegal if sold as a complete unit. Hmm...

Rocket T. Coyote:
Was actually able to sleep in past 8 AM today as the neighbor has a different car now. It doesn't sound the horn when remote-locked, apparently.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Try to be the FUN in Dysfunctional.

cause the rat:
If something is unclear does that mean it's opaque?


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