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Unless it's too personal.....


Blue the Renamon:
I was just noticing that there's no way of knowing, on this board, what orientation somebody is without them telling you. On another board I go to, that's one of the things you can put into your profile. I know a couple friends of mine escaped potentialy awkward situations that way. Some guys who took interest in their fursonas took a look at their profiles and promptly gave up on the idea upon seeing they were lesbians.

*Shrugs.* Just thought it could be helpfull. Of course, if that DOES get added to the profile options, it'd be strictly up to the user to decide whether he/she wants to spill the beans reguarding that particular subject.

Hey, yeah, this goes along with the "gender" suggestion.

Yiffstar has a gender/orientation thingy on their forums - quite handy at times

Blue the Renamon:
*Nods.* And Yiffy.net has "Species/Orientation" as one of the things listed in their profiles. It's helped me out alot. Stopped me grabbing a couple of straight ladies' butts on occasion. *Giggles.* Ahem. Anyway.......

Hmmm. S'not a bad idea. I'll have to plunk it into my list of things to do.


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