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The Great Sortout


When looking for a few more mp3s on furtopia I notised that many of the sites listed under music don't have any music on them. Similar aplys for the other two.

Chould this be sorted as it can get very annoying. just send a email around asking the artists to conferm what is on their site whould do it.

There's music on mine.
...fo' shizzle....

The Admin announced he was beginning "spring cleaning" of the user files on the server, so it may be done in the process.

I'm currently writing some new software for our Furtopia indexes.  It will be a lot better and will include a rate/report link.  You can say what you like a bout a site or let us know if it is listed incorectly.  Should speed up fixing sites dramaticly.

Just a little on what is comming.



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