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I'd like to suggest an option for a user to ignore all posts by certain other users on the forum.  Yeah its an ugly thing to think anyone might need, but some people take offense to some other users' posts that might be construed as inflammatory, but rather than responding in kind or complaining to admin about it, sometimes its probably just best to put some users on an 'ignore list' so there's no temptation to post any reply (or new thread) that might be construed as retaliatory or inflammatory and provides users with a quick, easy tool to avoid an ugly flamewar on the forums.

Maybe this could be tied in with the Messenger to create an all-out ignore block.

The only forums I have seen this on is VBulletin and as a phpBB mod. I dunno if it's available for Ikon?

Here's what's wrong with this idea.

UserA posts some question, and after a few replies, UserB responds.  The thread now takes a turn and starts discussing the points UserB has brought up.  UserB has no life, so he keeps respondin to others, and pretty soon the entire thread has revolved around what UserB posted.

You happen to have UserB ignored because he's a jerk and you hate him and everything he stands for.  You see this thread and think it's interesting, so you go in and start reading (And you DO read all the other posts in a thread before you respond, right?).  After a while, you have absolutely no idea what's going on.  People are making random replies to something you can't read, because you have UserB ignored.  And you can't tell what's going on, because the forum doesn't tell you it's skipping a post, it just does and acts like UserB never posted.

It's easier to just ignore the person in your mind then in the actual software.  You don't have to respond to every post that you disagree with.

I congratulate you if you are so perfectly disciplined.  I, however, am not and I imagine I am not the only one to fall somewhere short of being perfect.

I wasn't attacking you, nor did I claim to have perfect discipline.

But the fact of the matter remains, ignoring a problem does not make it go away.


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