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Miss Pickwick's, A History:

Miss Pickwick's Guide for Furry Gentleman is a project in the works. It's original concept came almost a year ago during a rant fest about being solicited by random furry men simply because I am in the fandom and posess boobies. (Like, girl boobies. Not man-boobs.)

It grew into a larger project when I discovered that I really REALLY wanted to help some of these fellas. I've always gotten along better with men, and I always wanted to meddle and help them get the companionship they want. I figure if I write a book, I can meddle in it all I want.

Since the concept of a book, many side projects, experiements, and articles have made their way into the project. It soon became apparent that Miss Pickwick's needed a core group of contributers- folks that can ask the questions and give their answers in polls.

Thusly, Miss Pickwick's LiveJournal Community was started. It has a different purpose than the forums we've been given here on furtopia (think of the LiveJournal as our secret Willy Wonka testing room.)

We're hoping that the furtopia forum is a place where we can gather in a much less controlled manner. Men and women are encouraged to participate, and we hope that threads will pop up and spread of their own accord. Basically, here we want to create a place were ANYONE can bring up gender and dating specific issues, woes, and opinions.

Miss Pickwick's FAQ:

Q. If you're the author, why are we all here?

A. One person's perspective on dating is hardly a perspective at all. I have very unique tastes and experiences, and I find that what I think is truth above contest is really just a crazy foible. Every person who joins and collaberates in this community will be a part of the project, and I really look foreward to writing in a collaborative manner.

Q. What, are you going to steal our ideas?

A. While polls will be anonymous- all quotes and materials will be contributed to their originator. Furthermore, every single person that collaberates in this community and discussions will be listed in a thank-you at the end of the finished project (assuming, of course, this is ever a finished project.)

Q. I want to help MORE. What can I do?

A. I am toying with the idea of getting someone to do graphics. I _can_ draw- but not all that well and my work on computers is limited. If you'd like the job of official 'Miss Pickwick's' illustrator, get in touch with me via the contact info.

Also, anyone with a spell checker and editing skills could be of tremendous help. I don't have an actual word processing unit on this computer, and my spelling is a bit shakey to be without spell check.

Q. Who is Miss Pickwick?

A. Miss Pickwick came from my original idea of the project as an netiquette/manners guide. Some of us will remember that all books of such nature had a whimsical yet somewhat dowdy name prefacing the title. Miss Pickwick has since been developed into a Mousie character, and the Mascot for the project.

Q. Do I have to be a girl to join?

A. Here is where the Live journal and Furtopia are different.

Because Furtopia HAS a place for gender ID on one's profile, it's not quite so necessary to control the situation. Anyone of any gender or sexual preference is absolutely welcome to join in discussions in the Furtopia forum.

Livejournal, on the other hand, has more capability to control who can see what. Because of this, much of the grunt work is taken up there. MOST of the community on Livejournal are the females that will be most directly contributing (this IS a book written for males by females.) What it boils down to is that women are all welcome in the LiveJournal. Men are allowed on occassion, but I would need you to contact me with specifics about why and how you feel you could contribute best on the 'inside,' as it were.

We do not mean to be exclusive- but we need a bit of girl space for a project such as this.

Q. Do I have to be a furry to join?

A. Well.... in a broad sense. Furries, mythics, otherkin, therians, etc are all welcome. Many people fit more than one category. The rule of thumb is that if YOU think you know what you're talking about, you probably do.

Miss Pickwick's Links:

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Pickwick Post- Biweekly Newsletter (in progress)

Just wanted to say I've come over from LiveJournal. I'm looking forward to seeing this project develop.

Mwahaha... welcome to furtopia! I've been neglecting this forum a wee bit. Ugh- I wish that Sunday would hurry up so that I could play a bit of catchup!

You deleted your LJ? ):

This is excellent!  (For I also possess teh mammary glands, and therefore, feel your pain)
I'm a furry who doesn't use LJ (OMG) so I'll hope to see a lot of updates here.  

I will be happy to contribute whereever.


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