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my relationship story consisted of me wanting desperately to find a girl who would date me.  I got so desperate, I would do anything and put up with anything just to get it.  this, in turn, led me to Sarah.  Sarah was at the time 17 and was only 2 years younger than me, sex wasnt on our minds when we first discussed having a relationship.  She had just gotten over being with a wanker who cheated on her.  I had spent all my life being with only myself and Id tell you all how lonely that is, but im sure all you know this already.  We met while I was walking home from school with her and the previously mentioned wanker.  Her book bag fell apart and being the gentlemen(I had just infact gotten done reading through several furry love/relationship stories such as the zzstudios story and the Chris foxx story) so I helped her mend her book bag and voluntarily carried the books that wouldnt fit back in because of the newly developed hole.  Her bf refused to help saying he was too good for such a thing and began ranting and raving accusing me of trying to steal her away.  Id no intention of it and knew she had a thing for him anyways, so I just told him i was raised this way.

Time passed, he cheated on her, and they broke up, went back together, he cheated again.... etc... this process repeated itself several times until she met some guy who was.. lets say FAR too old for her.  he was 29 and she was turning 17 at the time.  Im not sure what happened between them but it didnt last long and one day, she called me wanting to know if I wanted to go to a movie.  We went, had quite a bit of fun, had the whole theatre to ourselves and made out quite a bit during the movie(watched "Haunted mansion" staring Eddie Murphie).  Our first date went really well and I can look back and say I think we took things a bit fast, which might have been part of the problem.  We layed down a few agreements eventually that were supposed to be the ways we compromised on things.  it was our way of settling arguments.  Agreeing on things and allowing each other little freedoms taht would try to avoid big conflict between us.  She had just turned bisexual recently and was still rather experimentive.  I allowed my nether reagions to control my thought and said yes to her going out and engaging in lesbian affairs with other girls.  This was another mistake on my part.  I also agreed that I wouldnt listen to pounding techno as long as she wouldnt try to put in any spanish pop or rap(music was something that differed completely between us).  We both had a mild interest in old metal such as Ozzy and Metalica so that became our regular music for driving in the car.  Eventually, she started bringing her own cd player and headphones and I discovered how bad she was at singing(which she refused to acknowledge saying she was the best singer in the world).  I will tell you taht im not lying about that one, it was bad, bad enough that my freinds refused offers for rides home because they didnt want to listen to her singing to her headphones.  She began trying repeatedly to get me to allow her to change the radio station and I eventually gave in, which resulted in me hearing some of the worst music ive heard in my life, which she thought was funny despite our driving in rush hour traffic on a holiday.

We went on a valentines Day dinner to a Mexican Restaurant(fancy one too) because she had a thing for her hispanic roots.  I attempted to light a candle so we could have a candlelight dinner and she refused, kept blowing it out.
Similar dates like this one popped up every so often and strife between us increased, so she being the weird and rather horny individual that she was, decided to try something wild and crazy to spice up our relationship... sex.

Lets just say it was rather cold in the car and I had a systems failure.     I cant go into any more detail as this is PG but im sure you all get the idea.  I think this little incident was where she got really angry at everything and decided I wasnt worth her time anymore.  She continued using me as a ride to work and such, which I being the gentlemen that I was, humbly accepted.  I was late to work several times because of this, trying to get her out of bed so i could take her to work and make it myself.  One time she even slept in completely and wouldnt wake up to the doorbell.  I left  and went to work, almost got fired because of that one because i was so late.  We eventually decided to go to the spring dance, which it wasnt spring yet, it was still snowing outside.  We went and after paying for her ticket, she dissapeared, I figured she went to the bathroom or something so I went to the punch table.  Waited.... waited... nothing.

I eventually went out to the dance floor to see if i could find some freinds.  I eventually found them, but not before finding my gf dancing with the previously mentioned wanker.  I figured they were just freinds and it was just a freindly thing, or at least I was willing to accept it as this.  After she finished up with a dance with him, and a new song came in, I asked if I could steal her away for a dance, and she refused and told me I sucked and she didnt want to dance with me.  Well, that was about as much as I needed to crush all hope of the night going good, so I began doing my "ultimate white boy dance" which entertained quite a few people who hated rap as much as I did(which ironically enough was almost all they were playing).  Me and my freinds even sat in the corner and sucked helium balloons for the heck of it, which gave us quite a source for amusement.  After I had calmed down and decided to try again, I went back and asked for another dance, she accepted and we danced.  I thought I was doing well and she seemed to like it too, it was a slow dance.  But as soon as it was over, she brushed me off again and went back to the wanker.  That was about it.  i gave up with her and wandered the dance floor looking for someone else to dance with.  Just my luck, I found someone and danced with her.  She seemed cool enough, although stupid me forgot to get her phone number.  

After the dance, I took Sarah home and stopped giving her rides around town.  About a month later, she came up to me and told me she didnt beleive this was working out.  I promptly asked what was her first clue, rolled up the car window and cranked up the techno.

Some time later, I found out from the previously mentioned wanker that the reason he cheated on her was to get her away from him.  She had this thing for him and his unrulyness.  He refused to do all the things that society deemed normal... like bathe.  She thought that was cool and had apparently developed a heck of a crush on him.  Couldnt get him out of her mind.  Tis why she kept going back and she even wanted to marry.  He didnt want this and wasnt ready for it.  He thought she was crazy and as a last resort cheated to try and get her away... seemed to work but he had to repeat it several times before she got the picture.  For those of you who dont beleive me, I have contacts of the people who were my freinds at the time and her freinds at the time.  If you cant beleive me, at least beleive them.(ask if you want to see the contacts and ill PM them to ya)

Ill post a summary of what I think I should have done in that relationship when i return, right now, I got a class to attend.

Cya folks

PS in the mean time, please share your own experiences.
thanks ^.^

ok, about time I got back to finishing this, tho  I hopeyou will forgive me asim  using a  really crappy keyboard  at the college.

First off, I  should have not allowed a gf to  engage in adult activities with other women.  It encourages a little bit of strife in the relationship.  To have a gf for the specific purpose of sex isnt really a gf.   there is another term for them, but its not appropriate here.  Knowing whatI know now, I can  say that  after engaging  in adult activities with other girls, she no longer wanted any and  wasnt willing to engage in it with me.  Looking back, im glad for that as even tho  its generally a standard to lose your virginity at an early age, keep  in mind that  when  you meet the woman of your dreams, its a lot more impressive to tell her you stayed celebate  and are still a virgin.  Typically guys just go off and lose it like its an unwanted appendage.  But holding your virginity until you meet that special person is  truly a great thing.

Second off, I should not have went back to playing techno while she was singing and trying to play her music in  the car.  I showed that I had  very little control over my temper.

and third, I should have called her more often.  Aside from that, she had good reasons all over the  place to stay faithful.  I even bought her a nice white tiger statue for christmas not to mention all the  times I tried to make and keep many  compromises between us.



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