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Diving Pelicans...

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There is a NON-FURRY section now. Please use it. Thank you.

Ouch! Well, at least they're not completely stupid, I've seen those mirages before, and they do look a lot like water. Or maybe I'm just not up to par. o-o; Heh.. Oh well.

Good luck birdies! ^-^


I can barely beleive it... Animals can be darned Funny and Suicidial, sometimes... I just hope the poor birdies recover.

I dunno.  I'm kinda getting the impression that line between things that go in the furry section and things that go in the non-furry section is irritatingly thin.  

I dunno, I kinda feel that topics that deal with animals have a place in the furry discussion section.  The things that go in the non-furry discussion area are hella lot more off topic then that.  

Hmmm... mebbe a catergory that fits in the middle, such as a catergory about animals/pets.  Personally, I think it would work out well... since I see a lot of animal related topics.

lol, poor birds.

diving into the pavement must hurt


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