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Madam Glitch:
I have a question to Bronies/Pegasisters about the show. What is it about the television show that makes you like it and to be a member of the community? I've always been interested in why people are interested in the show, but haven't really had anyone to ask.

I'm a Brony, so I'll try to answer this. The most important part is the plot. All episodes have a conclusion and this is very rare in shows at this time. The second thing is what says the title itself - "Friendship is Magic". Friendship is important, but we forget about it more and more often. MLP shows, how important is the friendship. The plot actually makes sense, not like in other shows of this category. For example, there is a show called... Teletubbies and when I saw a fragment of one of the episodes I felt like my brain was about to explode, because it's nearly the stupidest thing ever. MLP is very different. It is interesting. There is also action, some really dangerous victims, not everything goes easily, sometimes the main characters are very close to losing. If you ripped it off of the candy animation style, you wold see that it's a deep story about friendship that lasts despite everything.

Season 4 episode 25&26 will explain it all xD like seriously I wont tell you anything about the show till you watch it. I'm a Brony and been hooked since s4 episode 4.

Iara Warriorfeather:
I like MLP: FiM because the show is well made in that, as Oktek mentioned, it tells a story from beginning to end, every episode. There are lessons in each show that anyone can relate to, and the ponies are not all about being girly girly frou frous--they each have their own distinct personalities, which lends to the story even more. I've been watching it since it first aired and while I don't always agree with the direction it goes, I find every episode enjoyable in some way or another. I also enjoy the music in each episode. Everything about it is well executed for an animated series, something unusual in this day and age (it's definitely more on par with 90s cartoons than today's run-of-the-mill badly drawn stuff). I was surprised at how attached I became with the characters from the very beginning; I credit the writing staff, musicians, and original creator Lauren Faust for this.

Twilight Sparkle is best pony.  8)

And that's how Equestria was made my two cents!

Madam Glitch:
Thanks for the answers folks ^_^


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