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T G I F What are you doing this weekend?

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cause the rat:
Rocket. looking forward to hearing everything came back negative. have a good healthy start for the new year!
Pulled five large blow molds down from the attic. Mr and Mrs Clause, two Christmas Rabbits ( Easter Rabbit couple repainted by me ) and a snow man. Going to set the up in the yard tomorrow.

Idk yet

Rocket T. Coyote:
Making a few quickie videos for FPS. Annual gun club meeting and dinner.

Jade Sinapu:
After the fact.  What  I did...

Walked doggo.  Walked myself too. At the same time in fact!

Found a poor fuel injector on vehicle and replaced it. It was causing a few random misfires.

Spent 2 hours in a snow covered junkyard trying to find an electrical connector for my transmission gear range indicators.   Turns out,  everyone who goes there uses battery powered saws to cut out what they want and they damage everything else.!!!

They damage not only wires but mechanical things.   Last time I will go there for anything!!!  And it costs $5 to get in and you pay for what you remove.


Did you know each electrical connector in your vehicle can cost around$100 each new?????

I had to dig deep and fork out the dough.  Got my connector ordered. 

I got some much needed food.  Did house chores.   
Watched the bride of Frankenstein on TV while snacking.

Washed car.
Paid bills

Basically nothing important goes on here.
I'm as interesting as drying paint

Hopefully going to the reptile expo.


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