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Is there a U.S. government coverup on UFO's?

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About a week ago, I had checked out from the library the tv show series titled Project Blue Book. It's based on the actual project of the same name which ran during the 1950's-1960's investigating UFO sightings.

This post is NOT about asking if you believe in UFO's and aliens. But rather do you believe the U.S. government (or other world governments) are actively covering up the existence of UFO's and alien sightings from the public?

cause the rat:
We had a large object enter our solar system a few years back. It made a ninety degree turn and left at the same speed it entered.  Both the shape of the object and it's actions defy all known physics. It was briefly mentioned and never talked about again. I believe it is impossible for there not to be other life, even intelligent, in the universe.

If governments know one way or another it would make perfect sense they'd keep it under wraps. NASA has recently publicly questioned whether or not to go public if or when they find life on Mars. The human race is no different mentally then it was four centuries ago. Galileo Galilei was nearly put to death for saying the earth rotates around the sun. Most people are afraid of change.

Varg the wanderer:

Article is by Hugh Mann. Nice try aliens, I'm not buying it. XD

If you don't get the joke, say the name out loud.

Jade Sinapu:
 I've been interested in UFO/ aliens for a long time.
If they exist,  yes,  governments are hiding it.  To stop mass panic.  If UFO/ aliens are not extraterrestrial,  then, yes, governments are covering up what THEY are doing.

Very much yes. Not telling because they want to not cause mass panic but mostly to keep us in the dark.


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