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Need help with PS4.

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cause the rat:
I have done everything possible to get this thing connected to the internet. Entered everything manually so many times I got it all memorized. Connecting always fails.
How I have it physically connected. Cable from PS4 to cable TV box.

cause the rat:
So here's the story so far. Tech came out after my tv hookup failed. His first attempt failed. He was from outside this region. Set it up for the wrong area. Thinks that's what happened to my first replacement. TY now working great! Doesn't freeze up when I channel surf. Tech said I have interference from local radio station. Everyone in town does. That's done. Finally got real help from PlayStation. PS Tech had me try a wifi hookup. That's when we learned my old router is not only insecure but being overwhelmed. From what he can tell on his end is the network is to busy. Meaning there's to much going on to allow the playstation to hook up. Going to drive east and swap the old router out tomorrow. Plus getting a wifi to boot. Going to go wifi to circumvent the interference on the lan.

All this to play one video game. No Man's Sky. A game that's changed so much from the last time I played I'll have to relearn it.

cause the rat:
When it rains it pours. But the water has to gather somewhere. After 4+ years I'm finally updating No Man's Sky. I have about an hour left.

This did not come without problems. When I first connected my equipment I was using my smart phone. Smart phone is set to shut down when it's inactive after one minute. Guess what it did in the middle of the set up. My fault. After a phone call and scheduled appointment I waited a few hours. Unplugged everything and plugged it all back in. WORKED! So I called and canceled the appointment. Tech on line helped me to set up the wifi. I had to open the game three times before it decided to start the download.

I have learned more about my smart phone today. First time I've ever typed on it. Ya, that was a mess. I'll get better.

I"ll wait to do a Happy Happy Joy Joy dance when I'm actually playing the latest version of this game. But right now I'm feeling pretty good.  :D :D :D

cause the rat:
When you delete something it's still there. The device give itself permission to write over the occupied area. If you put the same program back in then there is a dual version of that program. This is what's happening to my PS4. Wile playing the updated No Man's Sky there were parts of the story line that were out of order. Things brought in from what was supposed to be deleted. A lot of glitching. Then if froze. My next screen was it doing a self test. Then it tells me I have to wipe the memory and start over. Not the first time this has happened. I could. But it's only going to superimpose the new data over the old. So it will be a continual event. My PS4 is toast.

Hello XBox One X. I'll try lan first. Wifi only if needed. Keeping the wifi. The only way I'll be able to upload photos from my phone. Plus planning on getting a lap top.

cause the rat:
I writing this because i hope someone else will find humor in it. I know I will.
I go to my local Walmart to pick up the xbox. Credit card denied. ????? Go home and call my card. I get a pre recorded message. bla bla bl...if your over 50 press one. All others press 2. I don't want hear it so I pres two. Apparently my choice didn't matter. I hung up and called again. Again. The third time I start screaming, very colorfully, into the phone. Letting them know exactly what I think about their offer. Hoping it's being recorded. The fourth time I called I get to talk to someone. Tells me I didn't respond to a text osent to my phone when I tried to buy the xbox. First why would I need to and I didn't receive one . "You should have" I didn't and why?" "Because you haven't used your card there before". Yes I have. Then I said. I just bought a $$$ lawnmower at a location 30 miles away. Had no problems. Why here? "Because you haven't used your card there." Yes I have. They told me I should receive an email about this attempt. So I looked and, no email. So I said thanks and hung up. When to by back. Pulled the cash out and did it the old fashioned way.

If life was easy there would be no comedy.


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