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Artifical intelligence


Jade Sinapu:
I am afraid A. I. Will end many jobs. 
I do fear that many people will lose ability to take care of themselves without a job.  And for many a job is a sense of purpose and accomplishment.
What will humanity be? Well we be just clunky inefficient  animals spreading disease and causing hate? Or will we be slaves to the AI? Well we overthrow it? Will we be friends with it?

I'm upset.  I see AI has hallucinations and no one in the field can prevent it.  And yet it is turned loose on us and it's being used to make propaganda.  It also creates its own fictitious sources. 
How do we know the truth now? Well it be down to hard copy propaganda proof books in brick and mortar libraries?
Will my physics book be seen as lies now?
I'm losing my mind!

What I fear is skynet. Terminator for those of use who don't know.

cause the rat:
So your biggest fear of AI is that it's equal to right wing media. AI was programmed to find a cure for a disease. It's findings? Wipe out the disease carriers. Or, in laymen terms, kill off the human race. Did robots take away jobs? Yes. Now there are thousands of less deaths and dismemberments. Plus thousands of less incurable toxicity and chemical damage. AI is still a new thing. Like computers and robots it will eventually find a good home.

Jade Sinapu:
Well part of what you say helps.  Part of what you say stinks.
But I really do hope AI does use its powers for good.

Rocket T. Coyote:
Never saw M3GAN in theaters as the trailers were creepy enough. A precious little girl robot becomes self-aware, then terrorizes everyone in her path. Some kid went out trick or treating as the robot and he freaked out the neighborhood, and the video went viral. Universal Studios theme park currently has a M3GAN flash mob performing the dance from the movie.


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