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Cops suck, so does every agency.

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The cops in the US are tyrants. It's a fact that the supreme court make it legal for any cop to lie to get to you to self incriminate yourself for a "crime". When can we the people use a well fit paramilitary that's not private like those douche rent-a-cops. But the ones the people make to help other citizens get the idea that it's time to go against the government. Convince the military that's decreasing every single year. That they need stage a coup.

Cops get zero ounce of constitutional knowledge. In there BS training. They get a month or two in training before they're finalized into becoming an officer. That's way too fast to put someone in charge with a gun and have the jurisdiction over 50,000 people per county.

No law or agency should be able to amend our constitution or twist it, by having half the crap they banned us from having.

Armor Piercing rounds for 9mm.
Fully-Automatic rifles.
All of these are able to be used by them. But not us? This again is a direct unconstitutional act made by these pussies. Keep the guns, that's why you have background check dipshits. If we pass them. Then we should be allowed to have any firearm, explosives.

Just a tad grumpy are we, NateAlieou?  :P Sorry to hear you don't like cops, but too bad. We need police forces to keep law and order in this world.
What grinds my gears about your post is that it gives the impression you are stereotyping ALL police as bad and corrupt. That couldn't be further from the truth. Saying what you said is a disservice and dishonors the men and women in blue who are trying their best, albeit not perfectly, to keep you and others around you safe. There are GOOD police officers in this world. Don't lump them in with the "bad apples".
As for your comments on armor piercing rounds, fully automatic rifles, etc., Why? Why do you feel the need to have these? IMHO, no civilian needs to have the same tactical gear as our police forces or military. There is no reason for it whatsoever. What are you going to do? Shoot a miscreant who stole your 50" high definition tv set? You really need that much firepower? Give me a break.  :P
And last but not least, chill with the foul language and try being a bit more civil, ok?

cause the rat:
OK first. What a load of fear mongering. Right wing useless lies.

Your first statement.
What's known as 'loaded questioning' is against the law. It WILL be held against any police agency or officer. Here is an example of a leaded question. "How fast were they going?" The word 'fast' makes it a loaded question. Predetermining a law has been broken. "Do you know how fast you were going" is NOT a loaded question. You don't have to have a high IQ to see the difference. When a person is questioned they are asked the same question, said differently, over and over again. It's not like you see on TV. What you and millions like you think is what you see on TV is real. What they do on TV is entertain you. Not give you what's really happening. You have also been tricked to believe any phrase said can be used against you. "It's a nice day." would be used against you if it were raining. Brainwashing's worst enemy is critical thinking. That's why the far right claims critical thinking is dangerous.

Your second statement is also a right wing lie. Yes, there is no constitutional training for officers. But they, if born in the US and went to a public school have had an equal amount of it as you did. IF you went to a public school. IF you went to a public school you would have learned that democracy is only a democracy if civilians are armed. However there is NO, NOTHING in the constitution that states the government or state can not regulate what can be used by civilians. Brainwashing's worst enemy is critical thinking and knowledge. That's why the far right claims critical thinkers and educated people are dangerous.

Why does the far right lie and use fear mongering? Because angry and frightened people are easy to control.

Sorry. I wanted to type this because I was upset that day. But I understand you guys

One last question do you think Abraham Lincoln is a tyrant?

cause the rat:
Would a tyrant have a live and let live attitude towards the south? His approach helped heal this country after the war.

Critical thinking is the far right's worst enemy.


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