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My thoughts on the Five nights at Freddy's movie


I hope I can post this here
I just watched it for the first time today! Despite others saying it wasn't that great I loved it.
Good things about it: Matpat and Cory were in it, Afton when in suit was great and terrifying and amazing.
The animatronics were amazing, Foxy especially  :)
Even the cupcake was a threat and Balloon Boy ended up being the scariest lol
Mike and Abby were great as was Vanessa.
The fact Afton accepted his fate as we all know he didn't actually die as he always comes back as the big bad  :)

Things that made me confused
The way Afton looked! When I first saw him in the teasers I though he was Henry Emily
The fact Vanessa was in the movie when she's in Fnaf SB but I liked her well enough.

Other stuff I thought about
As much as I liked that Afton was Vanessa's dad and she helped take him down despite being scared of him, I would've liked if Afton was the dad to Mike and Abby and taking Afton out would be even more epic cuz he's a monster. But the lore is confusing as it is and I appreciate the much simpler lore the movie provided.  :)

cause the rat:
Awesome! Glad the movie was good.


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