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Black Sea OOC
« on: February 17, 2015, 11:14:15 pm »
Ahoy! This be a pirate themed RolePlay. Ye can expect all the piratey things, like plunderin’ forts, or shootin’ grape shot at sea beasts. Now, last I heard, there’s a warlock, Galgron, who plans on taking over the Empire, aye, an admirable goal indeed. Thing is, the King’s offerin’ a handsome pay for whoever can blow the man down first, as well as a pardon for all crimes done if the warlock’s killer ‘appens to be a pirate or any other fugitive of the sort. And since Galgron ain’t given out any money, it may be worth a shot, ey laddie?

No Godmodding
My word is law
If you have any disagreements with other players, keep it civilized
Know your limits on blood and gore

A few notes:

This is a pirate themed RP, SO YE GOTTA SPEAK LIKE A PIRATE YARRRHARHAR. (Well, not really, I’ll accept any sort of nobleman talk (“I say! Good sir! Tally ho!”) or any sort of tribal ramblings if you happen to be a Witch Doctor)

I cannot promise that your characters won’t die in this RP.

I’m not trying to guilt any of you into making more characters, but if we get enough, we may be able to put in a second ship, rather than having all characters on one ship!

Here’s a pirate glossary to help you guys with your pirate speak, if you need it!

I'm not sure how well I'll be able to keep track of this rp, so if anyone wants to be AGM, tell me via PM please!

Weapons (usable by all classes):
Primary: Rapier, Cutlass, Scimitar, Tomahawk
Secondary: Dagger, Flintlock Pistol


Swashbuckler- <Dual Wielding>
+Health, +Agility, -Ranged Weapons, +Melee Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: Dual Cutlasses, Dual Scimitars, Dual Tomahawks
Secondary: None

Description: The Swashbuckler is your standard issue “kill things fast” class. With the use of two weapons, they are easily the fastest when it comes to defeating people in 1 one 1 combat. Yet, they aren’t so good at taking on large groups of people…

Musketeer- <Ranged Combat>
+Agility, +Intelligence, -Health, +Ranged Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: Blunderbuss (Shotgun), Crossbow, Wheel Lock Musket
Secondary: Dirk (Long Dagger)

Description: Musketeers are ranged combat experts. When playing a Musketeer, stealth can be a valuable ally, as most ranged weapons take a while to reload. However, they are highly vulnerable to melee attacks.

Buccaneer-<Heavy Weapons>
+Health, -Intelligence, -Agility, -Ranged Weapons, +Melee Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: Greatsword, Club,
Secondary: N/A (As a Buccaneer, you cannot hold a secondary weapon)

Description: The Buccaneer is your heavy class. Using their heavy melee weapon, they can do massive damage to ships and furs alike. However, they’re huge targets, and are honestly quite slow.

Privateer-<Mounted Weapons>
+Intelligence, -Health, -Melee Weapons, -Ranged Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: None
Secondary: Powder Grenade (Smoke Bomb)

Description: The privateer is a glass cannon. They’re the only class that can operate mounted weapons like ballistae and mortars. But, they are quite bad at any other type of combat.

-Health, -Melee Weapons, -Ranged Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: Fire Magic, Water Magic, Wind Magic, Earth Magic
Secondary: None

Description: The Siren can use offensive and defensive magic to cause significant damage, as well as defend from it. But if caught off guard, a Siren can be taken care of quite easily, so beware!

Witch Doctor-<Alchemy>
+Intelligence, -Health, +Ranged Weapons, +Melee Weapons

Specialty Weapons:
Primary: Poison Spear, Bow W/ Poison Arrows
Secondary: Poison Dagger, Blowgun w/ Poison Darts

Description: If you haven’t already guessed it, the Witch Doctor specializes in weakening the enemy with poisons, as well as aiding allies with useful potions. But with little to no armor, they can be defeated easily if ganged up upon.

Character Card:

Primary Weapon:
Secondary Weapon:

I look forward to seein’ ye in RP, mateys!
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Re: Burning Sea OOC
« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2015, 11:38:35 pm »
Hmmm... I was actually thinking about making a pirate RP. I might join up.
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Re: Burning Sea OOC
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