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what's your favorite horror game?

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Silent Hill 2

A lot of games can fit into the horror category without being a horror game (if you get what I'm saying). Personally, I like Amnesia: The Dark Descent because it makes you have to scavenge around rooms for parts, and if you don't, then you get an increase in insanity. Another favorite horror game is Outlast because the most terrifying moments come from your thought process. Some other horror games that are right below my favorites are Dead Space, Five Nights at Freddy's, and undertale (if you count the chilling scenes of seeing your saves getting deleted terrifying)

Trying to find a match in titanfall is VERY SCARY

Alien: Isolation. Normally I don't get scared but this game was intense.

Oh! Bloodbourne too. It wasn't totally scary but there were some decent jump scares and moments of spookyness.

that was a good one. aliens is one of my favorite movies.


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