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Gamertags? Wii Codes? DS Friend Codes? PSN?

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Twilight Wolf:
My GT on XBL is Jdmjunkie001. Soooo add me up please!

my xbox 360 gamertag, joshua delta
yup joshua is my name
i got wii but since i dont have wireless network or an evernet adaptor i havent played it online mutch. (i do it at my mats house)

well i dont have a console but i got a pc!!
if u have steam my freind list name is "battle488"
for battlefield 2142 is "Lemonsqueez"
guild wars is "Qurion Steelwind"
Also if u are ever an amy forum or game and u see the name lemonsqueez that is me
ALMOST my identity

Currently, I'm a 360 guy and on there, I'm known as ToxinMongoose  .Feel free to add me, but send a message when you do.

Hmm, I didn't know there was an official thread.  I'll copy and paste from the non-official thread.  I went back to that thread to see if anyone else left a code... even though apparently only one person's friended me back (thanks V.I.C.K.I!)

I have a Wii.
My consol name is Komera (wow, I got creative with that console name, huh?):
0183 2014 4089 9050

EDIT: Blasted emoticons!  I wish you were off by default!


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