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Name - Citrine Marigold (with Citrine being her first name and Marigold being the middle name)
Species - Turkish van cat
Height - About 166 cm
Weight - About 50 kg
Gender - Female
Fur colors/patterns - Calico coloration so black, white and orangish. The left side of her face has an orange patch that goes over her eye and left ear and extends to the back of her head, while her right ear is black. There's also an orange spot on her right cheek. Both the front- and hindpaw on the left side are black, while the paws on the right side are orange. She has a black tail and a rather large area of orange on her back.
Feral, Digitigrade, or Plantigrade - Either digitigrade or plantigrade
Clothing - Most usually a specific blue collared T-shirt with darker blue shorts, but also other casual clothing such as hoodies
Likes - Peace and quiet, sweets, atmospheric places, Christmas, the paranormal and UFOs, making loved ones feel good about themselves
Dislikes - Unnecessary drama, excessive physical contact, continuous noisiness, politics
Temperament and sociability - Quite unsociable, although can get pretty loud around friends. Easily jealous but understanding and empathetic. Really quiet in most situations and sensitive to negativity.
Picture: (Click)

Name: Sheilah
Species: Demon
Age: 21
Weight: How dare you as that to a woman :o
Height: 5" 2'
Description: , Although she is looking like a regular fox, she is  only wearing the fur of one.Her blue eyes are so bright they almost shine in the night. She wears a white shirt stained. Even though she looks shy, she is only trying to analyse you. There is nothing under the fur, except a skull. She preys on the weak through their nightmares.

Jade Sinapu:
Name – Jade Sinapu  (a.k.a. jade wolf, a.k.a.  green wolf, a.k.a Granite GSD) 
Species – Human / Canine (German Shepard Dog/Wolf dog). 
Transformations -  Yes
Height / Weight  – 6’2” (1.88 m),  215 lb (~98 kg)   [except for feral form]
Age – 30’s in human time
Gender – Male
Location – Rocky Mountain West
Birthplace – Rock Creek Canyon (Contemporary Earth)

Anthro or Feral:  (As a feral GSD, you can’t tell him apart from any GSD in anyway)

* Coloration – Normal feral GSD colors.  Black back following top of tail.  Tan and creamy white underbelly.  A little rusty red behind the ears.  Black mask, black nose leather, and black claws and pads.  Pink skin most places if you dig through the thick fur, except where mask pigmentation is present.  Tongue is normal, except for a black oval in the center.  Physically fit.
* Eyes – Golden yellow with bright green retinal flash
* Personality – Confident, strong, quiet. Loyal, loving, very affectionate…
* Job – Same as when human, or if a feral is a companion dog
* Clothing – same as his Human form. (Saves on clothing costs)
* Language – only what he learned as a human.  But when he is feral, only feral sounds.
* Locomotion - Digitigrade for both feral and Anthro forms.

* Appearance – Tall, slight build, a computer “dork”. Wears glasses optionally.  Often wearing a hat, as he has lost a lot of hair.  Looks older than he is, which is a cost of his transformations. 
* Hair and Eyes – Brown hair, hazel eyes that seem to color shift.
* Job – Various, usually electrical engineering & software, handyman work.
* Clothing – Loves jeans and T-shirts most of the time.  Wears hats often.  Sunglasses, as his eyes are sensitive to bright lights.
* Personality – Timid, shy, afraid.  Loyal, affectionate, laid back yet serious at times.  Depressed at times. Sometimes brilliant.  Quiet.  Never the first to speak. 
Always listening and thinking. Empathetic and sympathetic.  Wants to have a good time most days.  Mistaken for being a door mat; he is anything but.
Traits regardless of form:

* Likes – Nature and animals. Talking about anything.  Likes sweet ripe fruit. Tomatoes. Likes a cold glass of ice tea on a hot day.   MEAT!  Pizza, chocolate, ice cream, cookies and cake are always welcome!  Loves to be free.  Loves freedom of choice above all things.  Requires to be free, or he will die miserably. LOVES BIG WOLFY DOGS! Loves the kind and peaceful people.
* Dislikes – Being caged in spirit, mind, or body.  Dislikes the rude and pushy.  Hates lettuce and persimmons.  Saddened by loss of wild lands and the animals he calls friends.  Dislikes smoke smells.  Dislikes thunder. Find bananas bad tasting.  Can’t stand hot humid days.  Detests being told what to believe, being told how to do his job.. Repulsed taking orders from fools at work.
* Hobbies – Electronics, Ham Radio, programming, mineral collecting.  Drawing, reading, writing, cooking. Wildlife watcher.  Gardening. Metaphysics, pseudo-sciences.
* Preferred weapon – His mind and his use of technology.  Often his mastery of older technology that time has forgotten allows him to excel where others fail.  He is able to control systems that are the infrastructure of society.  He uses his abilities mostly for good reasons.  Can and has used his tech skills to thwart attempts by evil-doers. He is often called upon to create or use technology to aid his kin.
History –
Born to human parents, he had a happy childhood.  Grew up around wild lands, learned to love the animals and nature around him. 
At age 6 he became aware of a deeply rooted animal spirit inside of him.  He kept this to himself as people would think him crazy. 

As he grew older, he came to understand that he was different.  He would often have ultra-realistic dreams of running as a feral wolf in a pack.
In real life, whenever he would lock eyes with some large wolf like dogs, it was like they could communicate.  These things he kept very quiet.

During his travels, he happened upon an elder who gave him a Jade Wolf talisman. It was said that this item could bring about the inner wolf
he knew he possessed.  Not knowing what to make of this, he ignored it for most of his life.

Much later in his life, at work a strange lady came to work near his cubicle.  She had the spirit of the dragon and would teach him the ancient
ways of furry and with it, the transformations that are possible. 

After a bitter family argument erupted, he became disowned by his beloved human family.  In a fit of rage, sadness and despair, he consulted
his Dragon friend from work, and she agreed to imbue him with the power of transformation via the use of his jade wolf talisman from long ago
and some mineral dust sprinkled into a flame.

Now he lives life on the fringe of society.  Working weekdays as an engineer in his human form.  He also can transform into an anthro-GSD,
or rarely a feral GSD.  Each transformation puts a small micro-crack in the jade wolf talisman. 

Once the talisman is broken through, it will no longer work and he will be stuck in the form he was last in. 
Each transformation also shortens his life a little.

To supplement his income, and most importantly to supply others like him with the much needed rare
minerals needed for transformations, he works as a prospector in the rocky mountain west. 

When he is in great trouble, he can transform into a stray GSD dog, and enter the house of many a friendly resident in his town. 
In this way he can hide from authorities and those who wish him harm.  Those who give him shelter do not know his true abilities or his true form. 
He knows this, and sometimes this is what he wants….and can use it to his advantage…

Whenever he needs great strength (or for other reasons), he can transform into his Anthro-canine form, but at a cost to himself. 
Mostly he lives as a normal human being, giving aid to those who are of his special kin.

You may see him walking around, as a human, or as a dog, and would never think anything of it. 
But if you possess the furry spirit you will see him for what he is regardless of form or age. 
And if you ever see him as his anthro self, you will never forget him.

There are many of his kin lurking around, you can tell by the ability they have to lock your brain up with a stare.


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