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Alternative Web IRC Access Option


Recently, I've spoken with a few people here on the forums who have had trouble using the Java IRC client.  Many either can't or don't know how to install their own client for varying reasons; therefore I would like to suggest an alternative option:

KiwiIRC (kiwiirc.com) is a open-source web-based IRC client that is supported by essentially every modern browser without the need for any downloads or plugins.  It is deployed by several major IRC networks, but the project also hosts a wonderful open instance that anyone can use.

Using KiwiIRC is actually really simple; to join the primary "lobby" channel here at Furtopia, just go to https://kiwiirc.com/client/irc.furtopia.org:6007/#furtopia, enter a nickname (no password necessary), and click "Start".

This isn't a suggestion to replace the existing web client or anything; I just think it would be really helpful if people knew about this; there's so many people I'd like to get to know better ;)

The issues with the Java client are well known and an alternative web client has already been decided on and will be implemented at some point in the future.

For accessing the IRC see these threads:

NB - irc2.furtopia.org is now the backup server again as irc.furtopia.org is now back online.

If you use irc.furtopia.org use Port: 6007
If you use irc2.furtopia.org use Port: 6002

Server ports can be found on irc.furptopia.org if required in the future.

Good to know :); though I do hope this can be somewhat helpful in the meantime.


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