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i liked it old school


the lone shadow wolf:
 don't know but the last version of this site was better
I mean the message notification was good, the extra reply formatting was cool but some other things I don't necessarily like  x_x
 the recent posts I don't exactly fancy
1. it takes a while to find a subject that you want reply to
2. the loading can be a little aggravating >:(
3. the previous version was simpler to use

I mean it was simple efficient yes
but if you changed it I would like to know why

If anyone objects to my claim I would like a good reason
I just... wanted to bark out what I thought

There's three different forum browsing modes that I think you might be referring to, and I'm not sure which one you're thinking of:

* the Recent Posts page

* the Recent Unread Topics page

* the Updated Topics (or Unread Replies) page

The prior forum software supported all three, though some of the modes required more thorough searching (or even manual URL editing).  The new version's theme provides readily accessible links to each of the three.  Which of these are you talking about, and what interface differences specifically are you commenting about?

the lone shadow wolf:

i think it was recent unread topics (:

at least I think so

Old Rabbit:
The forum update was installed mainly for software upgrades. We want to keep our forum
up to date so it will operate as trouble free as possible. We are sorry if the change created
any problems for you, but we are always open to suggestions, and try to help when we can.

The recent unread posts are available at the top of the page under the "Hello your name"

Reloading the forum should give you the latest posts you haven't seen.

Most of the forum topics are located as they were before. The search helps
find topics of interest like it did before.

The forum should notify you if you have a message. If you set your profile that you
want to receive notifications.

Thanks :orbunny:


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