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More Gender Options?


Um... I think there should be other options for the gender category on the profile bit, such as, but not limited to, agender, and genderfluid. I feel that the provided options of female and male simply don't take into account the vast spectrum of gender-identity, and that they don't allow (unintentionally, I am sure), for some people to express their gender identity.
If someone could look into this, I am sure many people would appreciate it, myself included.  :)

Unfortunately, that's a limitation of the forum engine we're using. I did a check for what mods might be available that would allow additional gender options, but I didn't really see anything for it. We can keep this feedback in mind, and perhaps an appropriate mod for this will show up someday. But for now, we're stuck with what we've got. My best advice, if you want to be sure people know how you identify, would be to put something about it in your signature or personal text for now.

Thankyou anyway; I'll try that. *Attempts to find appropriate emoticon.*  :)

A class I'm on staff for this semester uses SMF, which I was responsible for configuring; I solved this problem by using the "Custom Profile Fields" option to replace the default binary gender option with a text field (that allows for free entry, though one could also create a custom set of options).  Unfortunately, taking that options doesn't easily save whatever anybody has already answered, but it's always an option.

Oh, thank you! I'm incredibly sorry it took me so long to reply - I've been busy IRL.


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