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Spam Thread?



Is there a Spam Thread with Topics like: "guess who posts next" or "rate the signiture above you" or "say something nice about the person above you"?

If not: is it possible to create/include a Thread like that into the forum?

i await your replies :3

There are several of threads on the word games forum that might suit what you are looking for.
Post counts have been disabled on that board, so anything you add will not count towards your total post count.

okay i´ll check it out thanks :3

Storm Fox:
Sorry, but I'm going to have to say no to the suggestion of any specific or dedicated spam section, thread, etc.

Making a dedicated spam section or thread would be counter intuitive to our rules and the environment that we maintain.

The word games section that Loc has suggested would be the closest thing to what you've mentioned. Hopefully you can make do with that.
Although please be aware that even in that section there are rules against spam. [Here's an example of a spam game that was closed.]


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