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Anyone think Bethesda will make a Elder Scrolls 6?

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I do believe they are, or rather, will be working on an Elder Scrolls 6 title. I seem to remember a rumor that the next installment in the series would take place in the Black Marsh. Highly doubt its true, but who knows. I do remember there being mention that Bethesda would be working on two new IPs that were not related to Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

I think they will, and I believe it will take place in Akavir. It's the only interesting place they have left imo. Plus think of the new beast races they could add..... Tsaesci, Tang Mo, Ka'po'tun, maybe an actual Akavir as well? They could do so much with this place!


While everyone's waiting, Enderal is a great skyrim overhaul/mod. Entirely new graphics, story, characters, and more. Unfortunately there's no beast races.  :(


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