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What will be Kobuks next fursuit?

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Jade Sinapu:
A hairy dolphin?

Honestly, I hope he is just a nice looking husky!
Let's put glitter on him.


Kobuk, I was slightly joking.  It would be cool to do a go-fund-me.  But how could we do it?  I do not know how to start one, nor how to link it to you IRL.  I mean, what would happen if there was a go-fund-me page for "Guy needs new husky fursuit". 
Nope, I won't do anything.

A few times, I wanted to send furs here some greeting cards, like Christmas cards etc, physical ones, but there was never a way.
So I can't even buy you a suit and ship it to you. 
Must preserve furry identity.

cause the rat:
Jade. Yes! a furry dolphin! The world has had it's woolly mammoths. Now wee need our fuzzy fish!

Years ago I belonged to a Christmas forum. We sent each other cards every year. Privet messages where used to share addresses. Sending out 50 or so cards was kinda expensive. But getting about that many cards was nice.


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