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DenFur2022 rebooted?

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Jade Sinapu:
Looks like DenFur2022 is happening.  Sounds like they managed to remove Treble from it as much as possible and the convention staff are figuring it out.
Some things are still up in the air, but so far so good.

They do require vaccines.  Which does not impact most, since it seems most who are planning on attending are vaccinated.  It was cool, in 2021, we had over 2000 people attending, and it was not a super spreader nor was it even a spreader event.  Masks were handed out , furry ones of course!   And I would like to say, that I did not smell any bad B.O.! 

I am feeling down at the moment, but may go anyway, it is in August so I have some time to figure it out.

Jade Sinapu:
Well, I will be going.
In fact I have someone on the hook as my helper.  She used to work with me, that is until the company made her feel unwelcome.
So we are now going together to DenFur.
She flies in and I pick her up at airport, then to the hotel.

Thing is my reservation was made BEFORE she wanted to come.  I told her I had a room etc, and for a while she assumed it was a 2 bed, and I forgot to think about such things.
We are figuring out how sleeping will work out.  heh.
I bet I will be
a.  on the floor on an air mattress
b. in my raccoon kigurum on top of the sheets on the hotel bed and her in it

as you can tell her and I are not in a relationship, strictly two coworkers going to a a fur con  :-[

She is going as a cat and I as well a dog.
so in other words, very predictable.

I warned her  (as this is her first con) that things are plain and simple, weird as heck.
She got evern more excited. 

She has now decided to also bring her Espeon kigurumi, so who knows... I am starting to think she has done this before.
factor in she is making ears and tail and hand paws...
yeah I think she was faking me out.

cause the rat:
Awesome Jade! And here's how it will work out. You'll both sleep on the bed because your normal adults. Or you could call and get your revs changed to a two bed room. Either way Awesome dude! Looking forward to hearing about the con.

Jade Sinapu:
 Well i tried changing reservations,  too late at the con price.
And I'm cheap.
I did not want to pay for the room and not sleep on something soft. 

Sounds to me like she is a furry. ;)

Maybe you can check with the hotel and see if they have what are called "rollaway beds". I had to use one when staying with some people in a room during AC2007.
During AC2008, I roomed with another person, but he slept on the bed while I had to bring a sleeping bag for the floor.


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