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Favorite video game system?

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X-Box for me!

Last year when I was shopping the deciding factor between the two was definitely the fact that the X-Box has an internal hard drive to save game on, while the PS2 you have to buy memory sticks.

However, if the consoles were identical PS2 would have had the edge on games.  I've just started getting into adventure games and the selection in PS2 is enormous.  The most recent one I played on X Box was Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.  I beat it in only two days with less than 8 hours of play.  It didn't seem that big.  I heard that in PS2's Genosaga if you have a walk through sheet it takes 18 hours to go through it from beginiing to end.

What I like about the game selection in X Box is the best racing games.  Project Gotham 1 + 2 ROCKS!

I have thought about this a little too. What's your favorite video game system? Please, I do not want a system war on this poll, just an indifferent discussion. Please tell why you like your system if you want to, but don't compare it to another system, please. For me, hard to decide... I like Nintendo a whole lot.
I tried to put in the systems with the greatest impact. sorry if yours isn't here.

Super Nintendo is probably my favorite system. Some of the very best games of all time are for the SNES.
But Playstation and X-Box are also my favorites....

Playstation 2. Dreamcast was my favorite for a while, then I really got into all of the great Konami games for PS2, plus they brought the Space Channel 5 PS2 ports over to the US.

None. Not really into games.


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