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Having a furry mate now, I'm not sure I could have a non-fur any more. It's just too wonderful sharing that with each other. I think a relationship would start to feel pointless if I had to completely suppress that with someone else. Well I hope I don't have to deal with the possibility of looking for anyone else. I'm so happy with what I've got now.

Im sure it will turn out well. Dont forget to snuggle

For now... I dont want one. I've had too many bad experiences with "love" ... and I dont think I could handle it again...

I got the best of both worlds =)

My husbands a fellow wolf soul and admits it, though dosent consider himself furry. Still acts it, and still knows hes a human physically. Thats good enough for me.


If you had a choice between a human mate or a fur mate which would you pic?


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