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Would anyone here join a Sonic based storyline?

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Well, I'd be up for doing it, although its been ...[insert impossibly long time frame here]... scince i played any of the sonic games or saw the cartoons, so i'd go into it knowning nothing (I take the same attitude towards most other stuff i plunge headlong into)

beyond the darkness:
I'm still up for it (as long as I can still be Shadow *Gets down on paws and knees and pleads* PLEASE PLEASE! )

Mach Ran Hedgehog:
Like I said in my greeting I'm a 4 year Sonic role player and don't plan to stop anytime soon. The first idea for one I have is a Furry adaption of the Sonic Comic book, we use the characters but place them in a different reality. I can think of even better ones given the time too.

I haven't done Sonic-based stuff since I was in 5th grade.  Surprisingly, since I used to be obsessed w/ sonic back then.

Mach Ran Hedgehog:
Well The comic is getting alot better. Sonic and Sally are engaged to be married, Robotnik is gone and been replaced by Eggman his robotic double from a different universe. Sonic just recently came back to Mobius Prime after being transported to the other side of the galaxy by a alien device they had planned to destory Mobius with.  Sally and the rest of Mobius think he is dead right now but won't they be surprised when he appears back from the dead. Anyway the comic is at issue 129 of 300 total if Archie thinks the fan support will die by then. I hope not cause Sonic deserves to break at least 600 issues before thay call it quits.


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