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Trump the GOP and Democrats. A new path or more of the same.

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Old Rabbit:

--- Quote from: cause the rat on November 20, 2016, 01:02:07 pm ---First MSMBC has the same love of propaganda as fox news network. Not to be trusted. Secondly it would be ridiculous for trump to tell people to not be racist. Seeing the cabinet of hard lined racist he's building. Fueling a divide in this country would only serve his push for trickle down economics. Not going to speculate here. Just going by what he's said and how he's rhetoric has played out through this election. Then adding who he's surrounding himself with.

No matter who our psychotic pathological lier is he doesn't have the power he he wants. No matter who he surrounds himself with.

--- End quote ---

The legislature has the power, but the president can cause problems by appointing people
to jobs they shouldn't have. Be it due to politics, racialism, ignorance or just being
incompetent. Of courese Trump wouldn't be the first man who became president that
gave government jobs to people that shouldn't get them. I imagine most will manage to
do well. If I remember right President Reagan sent about 3000 people home who thought
they were to get government jobs because they were supporters. I imagine they were
sorely disappointed. Apparently he felt handing out jobs for political reasons was wrong.

I admit msnbc has some liberal pundants, but they do invite all parties to speak and answer
questions. Even if it's only to make a speech about their party line.  It was Senator Sanders
who said Trump should appoligize for his comments and to publicly say he doesn't support
racist ideas..  He said that on "Meet the Press" last sunday. Not an exact quote.

I know the news media tends to be biased at times, but who else do we look to? The
internet is full of questionable stories and lies. Most of what I have seen in the major
media outlets is not telling the whole truth, but what they think will keep the public's
interest. After all it is largely a business to make money.

If we discard everything, but what we hear our politicians say directly. We would know
only what they want us to hear. At least the media gives us information we couldn't
know otherwise. If it's biased or full of half truths it will catch up to them in most

Old Rabbit:
It's been a couple days. and Trump has given us what he wants to do in
his first 100 days.  Like Obama he wants to improve our infrastructure, and
work on trade. Nothing said about the ACA or the Wall.. Trump claims he can
mix business with his office of president. It may be legal, but I have a hunch it
is full of land mines for him and his family.  One big problem is he can be impeached
for taking a bribe of any kind. Our founders worried that foreign powers might try
to influence a president with gifts, property or money.

Isn't it interesting how busy the GOP plans to be now that they have Trump. Obama
wanted to work on infrastructure for years. The GOP said no. Now they appear to be
for it.  They may be looking at Trump with a bit of worry in their hearts. Lately he hasn't
been quite as conservative as they hoped.

Though the democrats are the minority party they can make it difficult to get laws
or appointments through the senate. They need to be watching this infrastructure
bill as it arrives. It's likely to have a lot of incentives and tax breaks for rich contractors
in such a large deal that has billions of dollars involved.  The public might not care if
someone gets a lot richer as long as jobs are made, but sometimes it's the job of
government to see that crooked deals are not made even if it looks good in the
short term. We should remmeber it's the generations to come that will pay the
price, and the costs should be kept down where possible.

Old Rabbit:
He is spending the Holiday with family.. That is fine. But when he is
president will he take off for holidays instead of doing the countries
business? Being president of the USA is a 24 hours a day seven day
a week job.

At over 2 million votes behind Clinton in the popular vote
shouldn't he consider those who voted for Clinton when making
decisions? He may say he owes his supporters, but he has no mandate
to do so. Just because a outdated system that catered to the slave states
put him in office, he shouldn't forget he wasn't the peoples choice.

The GOP doesn't want to talk about the popular vote. They don't want
rock the boat that gave them more power. Will the GOP make sure
that Trump follows the constitution with his business practices? Only
time wil tell..

The Democrats should be pushing for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and
Pennsylvania. There are some irregularities that need to be checked out. Not
so much to change the outcome, but to make sure the vote was accurate with
no corruption.  We can be sure Trump would want the same if he was on the
loosing side..

The Green party is raising money to have a recount for this reason.

Old Rabbit:

He claims to be working to keep the Carrier company from moving to Mexico. I hope he is able
to keep Carrier here.. I do wonder how or what incentives Trump can promise to keep the
company profitable enough to provide good wages in the USA. They do have to compete with
other large manufacturers. If they can't compete they will go out of business.

Even if Trump managed to get Congress to raise stiff tariffs on Carriers products, they would
just sell to other countries to make a profit.. If Carrier can continue where it is by making
less money for their stock holders, perhaps they will. We  live in a country that holds free
enterprise, and Capitalism high so it's going to be hard for Congress to stop Carrier if they
really decide to go.

GOP is mostly talking about the death of Castro of Cuba. They want to undo Obam's work
trying to normalize relations between our countries.

Dem is keeping an eye on Trump.

Recounts are staring in Wisconsin. Promoted by the Green and Reform party. Trying to
show the integrity of the voting process. Though the Clinton campain is over seeing
the count, all interested parties are invited to do the same.

During the election millions of ballots were thrown out due to claims they weren't legal.
We need to work to make our voting process better to give all people equal representation.
I fear the GOP has little interest in helping make voting easier. They worked and were
successful in getting the voting rights law weakened by the supreme court.

Old Rabbit:
Ihere are rumors that Trump is looking at privatizing the VA, Medicare, social security, and
doing away with Medicaid. At least the federal government side of things.

Somehow I think the GOP isn't foolish enough to proceed with such ideas. Millions of people
depend on these programs. The Poor, Veterans, elderly, and the handicapped.  I haven't heard
exactly what privatizing means other than people getting vouchers. Then use that to pay for
insurance plans.  Now I really don't think our money grubbing insurance industry is going to
give out insurance to people that have medical problems without charging huge premiums.
Where are these people going to get the extra money? To get on medicaid if it's still around requires
one to be practicaly starving and destitute to qualify.

That would throw a huge expense on the states. If medicaid goes away, nursing homes will
close due to people not having the money to use them. That leaves everything to the private
sector. The private sector is stressed now. So it will leave people to die in the streets, and
homes if they have one. Few family's have the resourses to care for ailing relatives, parents, or
the time. This is another situation where the rich often doesn't understand the needs of the poor.
Or why they are poor.

I know this is a lot of gloom and doom, but it's possible. Hopefully the GOP will come to their
senses and not pursue such a dangerous avenue. Again Time will tell.

The democrats will try to prevent it, but they have limits since they don't control either house of
the legislature.

Personally I don't think there is enough greedy, uncaring people in congress to do such a thing
to those in need, but with everying shifting to the right anything is possible. They did reduce
the food stamp program by 5 billion dollars claiming they were trying to reduce the publics
dependance on goverment. Then turned around and give big subsidies to rich corporate
farmers. Guess rich people are more needy than the poor.  :P It's likely they have more

Hopefully this stays only a rumor, but one of Trumps appointments has been
trying to privatize everything for years.


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