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Truckers Convoy/Blockade

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Rocket T. Coyote:
Looks like Canada Prime Minister Trudeau's in a desperate way. He's calling Canadian truckers every mean name he can think of, but the blockade continues. Despite the media dogpiling on the truckers, the public support hasn't diminished. Rumors of a trucker blockade of the Super Bowl have surfaced. Meanwhile, auto plants here in Michigan are idling due to lack of components, and supplies of LaBatts and Moosehead beer are drying up. Canoes and snowshoes still plentiful however.

cause the rat:
The brainwashed fighting for their right to die from misinformation. Omicron is not the last variant. It's not over.

Rocket. Good to hear canoes are still available.  :)


--- Quote from: Rocket T. Coyote on February 12, 2022, 10:12:57 am ---Looks like Canada Prime Minister Trudeau's in a desperate way.

--- End quote ---
While I applaud the truckers for standing up to the medical police state, and wish them all success, I also fear that things are gonna get ugly. As for how ugly, I don't like thinking about that. OTOH, freedom isn't free, and certainly not cheap. America's divorce from England wasn't exactly an amicable separation either.

Trudeau needs to go.

Jade Sinapu:
I do not do trucking.  I do not know how it goes.
What percentage of their life is spent driving, alone, to move goods?
What percentage is spent with others?

I feebly imagine a long haul trucker here moving goods across plains and canyon lands, for 12 hours a whack, stopping at a diner for something to eat, and maybe sleeping in the truck cab.
If that is typical (and I do not know) seems a small vector for spreading infection.  Besides, people who move food and medicine, might just be the people you WANT moving about.  Maybe wear a mask, gloves, social distance, etc?

The people who might need vaccines the most are like teachers, people who interact regularly with large array of strangers like doctors?
Let's focus on the large targets, low hanging fruit, etc.

I got a vaccine so I do not have as high a chance of getting seriously ill, because I do not like being sick.  I would rather do something more fun than have a high fever and moan.
Plus I seem to have a lot of paid time off... how much do other people have? 
If the truckers have a lot of PTO, get sick and stay home and rest (I guess).  Then they might have some natural immunity.  Unless they are like my brother who has had 3 cases of covid... :( (His young kids make him sick)

But if it is as I suspect, they do not have as much PTO as all that, and if they get sick might have a harder time making ends meet?  Hope not!

So while I see the vaccine mandate as being for a good reason (to reduce spread of virus and allow curve to be flattened) I also see that goods need to move especially food.  But I also wonder why for their own sake, why not get a vaccine?  The amount of people inoculated is in the millions?  If it were a complete flub, there would be thousands more dead from covid or the shot if it were tainted or something bad.  But the evidence points the other way.  If I had millions of dollars... well... hmm.

Oh and with self driving semi trucks... who needs truck drivers who are seen as a thorn in the side?  Sometimes, one has to basically suck it up and take one for the team and carry on.  No one is irreplaceable.  We have like what ? 1 million other potential truck drivers to choose from?  And many have been vaccinated and are not worse for wear?

Some people need to get some perspective.
Do your civic duty, help your fellow country persons, move those supplies!  That job is more important than mine.  If you care, get the shot, keep countries working.  Or be self centered and complain.
If we have another world war... will that be cause enough for people to do what they must to achieve the objective?
I mean, THIS IS A PANDEMIC.  It is like saying world war.  Why does this not register?

cause the rat:
What amazes me is how those who are trying to save as many lives as possible are treated as enemies. Those who are killing as many people as possible are treated as heroes. If this wasn't true the death toll would not be as high as it is today.


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