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Fox News Network Defimation Trial. A Win Win for America.

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Yada, yada, yada. All this demonstrates is the trustworthiness of the lamestream media. Of course FOX would rather tell pleasant lies than unpleasant truths. That's where the ratings are; that's where the big advertising $BUX are.  No different from CNN, MSDNC, NBC, &c, &c, &c. Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, the news was the least profitable division. It wasn't meant to turn a profit, but was seen as an obligation to the public for their use of the public's RF spectrum. The "news" isn't the news of Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley. You think you'll see another documentary like Harvest of Shame? Today, this documentary would be spiked on the orders of Big Agriculture within a Planc's Interval. You can thank that other senile old fool in the White House for this: Ronnie Raygun.

Don't expect a series like Conversations with Eric Sevareid even though such a series got lousy ratings. It was seen as a public duty, and so ratings didn't matter. You can't trust the lamestream media, so take everything you see and hear with a bucket of salt.


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