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Furtopia's Art Showcase. Latest art by Sheeta Nov 10, 2013


Old Rabbit:
Welcome to Furtopia's Art Showcase where we are hoping to show
a collection of artwork done by our members.

If you have a comment for a artist send them a PM, but please don't
critique their work.

We hope to have several pictures here soon. :orbunny:

If you wish to have your drawing here just scroll down below
the pictures for the rules and instructions.
Drawing by Sheeta.
Date posted 11 10, 2013
Just like Dad.
Digital drawing


Drawing by Mylo.
Date posted 7,24,2013
Drawing Digital done with photoshop.

Drawing by Miser
Date posted 7,7,2013
Digital art drawn using Photoshop.

Drawing by Kada_ru
Date posted 7,5, 2013
Done with Prisma pencils, chalk and #1 ink pen  (The color of the body was with a colored pencil with 3 or 4 different colors in one.

Drawing by Old Rabbit
Date posted 7,5,2013
Digital art drawn using photoshop with layers. Background images other than
the planet were from www.nasa.com

Drawing by Saiyu
Date posted 3, 9, 2013
Done with MSPaint. background blurred using Gimp.


<Last drawing posted will be on top. :orbunny:  >


Furtopia's art showcase Rules and instructions.

1. New art posted no more than once a week.
2. Artwork must be changed at least once every
three months. If not it will be removed.
3. URL's to artwork that fail for more than a week
will be removed.

4. Main acceptance rules.
   a. Artwork must meet main furtopia PG rules.
   b. Drawings on ruled paper are not accepted.
   c. Artwork must be furry or animal in nature.
   d. Only finished artwork accepted.
   e. Only artwork done by you is acceptable.
   f. Pictures can be from your website or a hosting site you
      use for your artwork. Also it can be a link if your hosting
      site doesn't allow offsite viewing.

5.We accept artwork done by any furtopia member, even
if they are just learning to draw. Remember your
showing something your proud of. So you should
only ask us to post your best effort.

6.We reserve the right to refuse a post request
if we feel it's not approprate for this Showcase.

7.To make a request to post your artwork.
   Send me (Old Rabbit) a PM with the  URL to your
submitted artwork so I can post the correct drawing.
Please tell me if people have to use a link to view your
artwork instead.
Please tell me what media you used to make the drawing so
I can post that too. (pen, pencils, digital, oil, pastels, ect)
8.If there is a problem I will let you know. Otherwise
your artwork will be posted the same day or first day I
have time.


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