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Evolution, are we the only ones who ever thought or planned?

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Old Rabbit:
 I have often thought that over the billiions of years of Evolution, How
many creatures have existed? How many died out due to war or lack
of viability. Science has shown there were several ape like hominoids
who for whatever reason failed to be part of our world. Climate change,
meteor strikes, ice ages, super volcanoes. It's a wonder higher forms of
life even exist after all that nature has thrown at us.

We can use science to tell us what types of creatures existed in the past,
but unless there is a fossil, bones and flesh disappear. So there might have
been a branch of the family tree that led to other highly intelligent animals.
Why should we (humans) be the only intelligence that ever dreamed of
what might be, or what if anything happens after death. Not only to learn
but learn how to wonder what they might not know. All animals can learn,
taught to sort familiar objects, and many other things. Some call it habit,
some call it intelligence. Animals appear to be better at reading body
language than we can or do. Anyone who has had a pet has learned how
to communicate with it. I think it's a small step from doing things to
live and living to do things.

We will likely never know of an ancient intelligence unless we find some
evidence written in something like gold. Then it's likely men will argue not
wanting to accept it's truth that man wasn't the only advanced race in our

Any thoughts?   :orbunny:

Varg the wanderer:
I think man has been the only writing using, tool-making creature to have arisen on Earth so far. As for the future, well, who knows.

As for what's "out there": The engineer of Earth, it's life, and the visible universe seems awfully creative, energetic, and generous to have stopped with just us earthlings.

if you take into account the entire universe, i think it is not only a possibility but a certainty that other advanced creatures exist(ed). after all, the right conditions for life existed just 10 million years after the big bang. some theorists say that, under certain conditions, an advanced race could evolve from a single-celled eukaryote to a sentient being in as little as 500 million years. the universe has been around for 28 times that long and the earths been around for 9 times as long

Even on Earth too. Elephants grieve for their elders, dolphins and other cetaceans show signs of advanced intelligence. Killer whales have been known to aid sailors in hunting other whales and fish. While it is ignorant to apply our concept of intelligence and life to other species, it's remarkable the bonds we can share with our fellow creatures on this Earth.

Like takanuva said there are some other creatures on earth that sorta have human like behaviors.

One thing iv thought about for awhile is what if they are about as smart as us but due to their body structure they were never able to advance to higher intelligence. If you take a human and raise it in a environment without teaching language, science, technology, and all of that other stuff they might actually behave not really human.


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