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The 2nd Amendment

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--- Quote from: Kobuk on August 14, 2016, 11:07:07 am ---*tilts head and taps fingers on table*

Did anybody bother to read my post # 25 further above?

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i was making replies based on what everyone else says. while what that podcast thing might be true it still doesnt change my opinion just because of history (just like how i am not going to stop liking the tiger 1 and 2 tanks because they were used by the nazis)

i really dont care about the history of it, and my post contains reasons as to why guns should remain around.

Graywolf: You might not care about history and that podcast, but I do. For me, that's a piece of history I had never heard of before. And to hear it now does really make me wonder about why we have the 2nd Amendment and what it was originally for. NOT to overthrow the government, but to suppress any slave uprisings in the Colonies.
If that was the true intent of the 2nd Amendment, and I suspect and believe that it was, then one has to wonder if we really need the 2nd Amendment anymore? Should it be removed from the Constitution or should it be reworded in some form to keep allowing the American people to keep and bear arms? Slavery is dead, so the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment is null and void.

But time and time again, people keep talking about having and needing guns in case things go to hell in a handbasket so to speak and we need to rise up against the government. But do we really? I don't see martial law in American streets. I don't see soldiers on street corners. I don't see tons of things that conspiracy theorists are talking about taking place in the streets and neighborhoods of America. Yes, there is unrest, social injustice, etc. going on in America. But not to the point yet where we have to take up arms and revolt against our government.

Before we even contemplate taking up arms against the government, we should always remember that there are less violent ways to "voice" our concerns. Things such as, but not limited to: Protests, Sit-ins, Marches, Recall elections, Petitions, Impeachment of officials, and other less violent methods for a people to voice their disgust and anger at government. Once those measures have been used and exhausted, then........and only a last resort should the people take up arms against a repressive and tyrannical government. But is the U.S. Government oppressive and tyrannical? Have we become what's known as a "dystopian" society? I don't see it. All I see is a bunch of people imitating Chicken Little and screaming "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" when in actuality, it isn't. At least, not yet.

what i meant is that guns should remain around. i dont care if the wording is changed around, or if the 2nd amendment is replaced, as long as they remain legal im fine with it.

also for me it isnt much about getting guns to protect from the government but to protect from other people. while i dont need a full auto carbine /assault rifle (those are sorta just for entertainment) all i'd want for protection would be a simple semi-auto handgun, and maybe some body armor.

Rocket T. Coyote:
There's also that pesky Posse Commitatus thing which prohibits use of the military against civilians in the USA.  Some folks have a problem with police receiving military surplus equipment, such as Humvees.


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