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I really need some help!


EDIT: I had to re-write my original post. It came out wrong because it is very hard putting these feelings into words.

I'm not quite sure where I should post this so please move it to the right place if needed!

I am seeking help from Otherkin and Therian people. Also Furries. I do not understand what that is going on with myself. Being a part of the Furry community have been a confusing journey. I'll try to explain myself the best I can. But I'm affraid to share this. A part of me feels I should keep my mouth shut!

To make it clear I'm not part of the Otherkin or Therian community. I guess I see my self as a Furry. I don't know what else, other than Furry that I can be. Sometimes I feel like the fox is my spirit animal. But I identify 100% as a human being. But there is no doubt in my mind that there is something about the fox and my self that goes beyond what I can understand. As of right now I'm trying to explain, but it is like there is no words that can explain what is going on. Maybe it is something of a spiritual kind. Some kind of connection? Idk... I feel it so strongly in my heart. I get emotional because what it feels like feels so strong. Right now my heart aches and it feels heavy and I feel kinda sad because I'm writing this post. But yesterday, just the thought of my fox(ish) spirithood and tail order got me all happy, hyper and bouncy. I was jumping up and down and in my mind I was going "iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih". That's how much I look forward to getting that order home xd.

My fox fursona represent my fox self. In a way I see my self like that fox but I identify as a human. My fox ears and tail makes me feel whole. I just want to take them on and enjoy a walk in the forest nearby where I live when I get them in the mail. I have an old fox ears hood and tail, and when I wear them it makes me feel like a fox. I love that feeling<3

Any thoughts? I really hope someone have something to share, I would really appreciate that  :-[

Iara Warriorfeather:
I sort of understand how you feel.

When I was young I read a lot of books about big cats (besides dinosaurs, which were my first love), and was especially drawn to a National Geographic title called The Emerald Realm. I read that book every chance I got, I loved the pictures and the stories about the rainforests of South America. I was enthralled when I learned even more about the rainforest in my 4th grade class as part of a science/creative writing unit.

My aunt gave me a leopard plush backpack around that time, and I wore it every time I rode my bike around my parents' neighborhood. I thought of it as a jaguar, not a leopard. Every time I wore that backpack, I felt protected and safe. I felt confident and sure, even though I am clumsy and slow physically--that presence of the animal reassured me, somehow.

To this day I find I am still connected to the jaguar. Meditations that I do on my own time with animal guides, dreams that I've had over the years, the stories I've written as a child--all of these things have the jaguar in common. Even the earliest versions of my main fursona, Iara's (the feathered dinosaur in my avatar), stories I wrote as a child involved travel to South American rainforests and connection with a jaguar as a guide.

Could it just be synchronicity? After all, my academic mentor (guide) in real life was from South America.

Could it all be some kind of bizarre coincidence, or is Spirit moving through me, telling me there is something more to this connection between me and this powerful symbol of a big cat? Could I have been this animal in a past life--is that why I was so drawn to it as a child?

Despite all this, I do not consider myself a therian either. Perhaps I am stuck in Africa's longest river system, but I prefer to see myself as human, too.

Being furry is about being creative, and accepting this aspect of yourself, of feeling like a kid again, or whole, as you put it. Perhaps your fox speaks to you in the same way the jaguar does to me.  (: Nothing wrong with that!  (:

Varg the wanderer:
My experience has been much the same as Iara, but with large canines (wolves and dogs).

If you feel that way about foxes, but are unsure why or what it means, then I suggest meditating. Tribes in North America taught that animal spirits served as teachers to people, with each having strengths that they honed in an individual. Perhaps the fox has something to teach you. Perhaps the personality of most foxes reflects something in your own personality, making it easy to relate and identify with them. Or maybe there is something much deeper. Only you can answer these questions.

I still have little answered on these questions myself, and I've stopped devoting a lot of time and energy trying. I am who I am. I was born human, and will very likely die human. It was and will be an embraced part of who I am for as long as it needs to be, and I have faith that it will vanish if it is ever no longer needed in my life.

Until then, I'll stick with furry. I enjoy expressing that aspect of myself in a creative way that is accepted by those around me.

Hi foxy, welcome to the club of furry therians ^_^
Having a therian mindset is REALLY confusing, but one important thing I've learned is:

Therians are not delusional.

We know fully well, we identify as humans: we don't look down and see paws, or chase our own tails.
We're perfectly (and sometimes painfully)  aware that feeling human-plus-something doesn't make a whole lot of sense,  in the western world.
- but it's still within you, and you really don't want it to go away, because it's part of your identity.

I was pretty uncomforatable being a therian until I had a chat with a fellow musician who had relocated from

"Oh," he said. "In India we call that thing "shamanism."
-and that was that. Hardly worth a shrug.
In some parts of the world, being human ++, is nothing out of the ordinary.

If ypu have a fox-self  and it feels right, my suggestion to you is to embrace it; love yourself and your fox-self.

Yeah, I know it sounds all "summer-of-love" and flaky, but
I have family members who are religious, and they are convinced they walk with Jesus inside them
-or guardian angels
-or the holy ghost...
-or the virgin Mary
and no-one would EVER consider them delusional, crazy or eccentric
They're just "good Christians" to their community.

Well, some of us have theriotypes, that are somewhat more down to earth.
-and we would chase our tails,
 if it was only where it used to be.

-and we have a community too.

Therian and furry here too. I really like certain felines that are not my theriotype. White tigers, for example. I don't have a spiritual connection to it, but they fascinate me.

I know I'm human, and I fully accept that. There's just something animalistic inside of me, and I don't know how it exactly works. And I konw many people think it's a little weird, so I try to hide my animal-side in public (and when my parents are around). I've learnt not to see it as 'weird', but rather as 'different'.

I think I sould put here how I discovered I was a therian. The day after I discovered therianthrophy, I thought that I wasn't a therian, but I just had a few animalistic quircks. I actually just had a minor shift there. It wasn't until I was plunged into a bit deeper shifts that I realised I actually was a therian. After that I tried to get rid of my animal-side for months, with negative results.

Overall I'm a pretty calm person, and that's what I like the most of me. But sometimes I can get really excited about something, that's only normal. If you really like furries, you can get very excited about a tail. However, if you feel a strong connection to an animal, it could be because of therianthrophy. Or it could be related to your spirituality/religion/whatnot, I don't know. You're the only one who can exactly figure that out.

If you want, I can pray for you. Let me know.


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