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Chinese-Made Fursuits On Ebay?

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Jade Sinapu:
I suppose there is nothing wrong from buying items from a furry who happens to live in China and makes furry things, right?  So long as there are no underpawed dealings afoot.
I bet most faux fur comes from China, unless you have the coin to get otherwise.  So maybe there are deals to be had from suits made there?  Maybe faux fur flows like water there.

Perhaps what we are more against is the high propensity of some disreputable merchants located in China to more often than not, scam someone, just for the all mighty dollar.  And also ripping off artwork.

Just doing a generic Google image search brings up a ton of fursuit knockoffs.  >:( You can search for generic terms like "wolf fursuit" or "blue husky fursuit" or "fox fursuit" or something else, and you'll come across more Ebay, Amazon, Alexpress, or other cheap fursuit listings and pictures than you will actual photos from REAL fursuit makers. The amount of fake crap out there is just unbelieveable.  :o >:(

Jade Sinapu:
 Imitation is a form of high praise!
And lost revenue for furry artists. 

Rocket T. Coyote:
Those foam fursuit head patterns on Etsy look like a viable option for someone wanting to build their own costume. Especially if one already has the tools and materials on paw.


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