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Its been a while..


Thanks to Benjamin I was able to recover my old account (Thanks Benjamin!) so I thought I'd say hello.


Its been quite a while since I last visited Furtopia back in 2006 and it feels good to be back. Furtopia is a special place to me where I took my very first steps into the furry fandom back in 2005 and I'll always remember that. I remember talking to all kinds of fuzzies about just about everything and loved listening to Radio Furtopia. I was even a regular here when I attended my first convention, which I'd love to start attending again next year. But anyway..

How have you all been? :)

Welcome back. :)
As you can see, the forum is a bit quieter than it was fifteen years ago. Times are changing, I guess.
Still, we have a trickle of posts. I still try to drop in on occasion, myself. Heh.
As for me, am doing alright. Am not as involved in furry as I used to be, but I keep on lurking...


I see what you mean, yeah.. Its definitely quieter here than it used to be.

I guess its better than it being dead. x_x

Definitely an improvement over death. It's not quite a situation for a merciful demise quite yet. LoL
Maybe the biggest problem for forums like these is that they're not the most smartphone-friendly in design, though I find it looks alright on my phone when I set the phone sideways.
I dunno. Furry forums, in general, aren't so popular anymore. At least from what I've noticed. Not sure what's up with that.

Oh my gosh! I completely forgot about Furtopia Radio!
Damn this place was so advanced...we were streaming before Twitch, Youtube...all these other things!



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