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how did you choose your furry name

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Ok, not how did you create your fursona or anything, just how did you choose your furry name/screen-name. if you have multiple fursona's, how did you choose there names.

The origins of the Name Trance, may not be what you think. infact the name Trance has no real connection to the music, but rather when i first went into high school i was a big day dreamer. i would sit in class, head in my hand stairing off into space. the teacher would say my name like 6 times to get my attention. she said it was like i was in a Trance. so my friends from then on just called me Trance. and since when i day dreamed it was mostly about furries, it seemed rather logical to name my Fursona Trance

T Fox:
My furry screen names aren't realy very interesting.  The first furry site I signed up to I used the name DogFox, ('dog fox' is the term for a male fox like 'vixen' is for a female one) but people kept thinking I was some sort of dog/fox hybrid. >.<  So the second furry site I joined (this one) I took my signature (T Conroy) and replaced my last name with my species name.  

Like I said, not very interesting.

Sporty Fox:
I ride a Sportster-which is the uncool Harley among todays wannabee bikers. I ride one to be different from the rest of them, and get called Sporty every now and then. When I decided to join the community I wanted a name that fit my fursona- I am he and he is me, one of us just has fur- and yet fit my RL also. Not a real interesting story either  

When I was 11 I wanted to marry Fox McCloud (but I was 11, so I spelled McCloud wrong, lol)

Kasarn Deauralius
Kasarn was derived from the random name generator in Everquest, which chunked out Kasrn. It's abbreviated form is Kaz, not Kas.

Deauralius was the surname for my first serious EverQuest character, Xakik, and was originally going to be D'Auralius, but EQ is nitpicky about which  '  you use and I couldn't be bothered figuring it out. As a note, I don't play EQ anymore.

Cyrin Balain
Cyrin came from Cyril. Balain was just random in my head.
His nickname is Seer; it's convenient and also ironic because in character he has no natural magical abilties and oft does things without thinking too hard.

James Dingo
James is my RL name and Dingo is what he is. Thus James Dingo
At one stage, I was going to give him a proper last name, but that'll probably never happen.


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