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Why us?
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"The wind was cold that day...when you sacrificed yet again for the well being of others instead of for us. Often I sit at your grave site and wonder why you keep doing what you do?" A light purple wolf paw came up to a tombstone...tracing the etchings in it as a sigh escaped the lips of the male wolf  "In this life or the last, we found each other and knew we were to be together...a spark was present in each incarnation...we would meet somewhere and we would fall for each other. Why do I remember the thoughts though Rouen?" moving his hand from the gravestone he moved it through his hair digging the claws into the flesh there...blood starting to come out staining his snow white hair  "Bits and pieces of our past lives together and they always end the same...we lose one another in death because...because you feel the need to carry the world upon your shoulders."

Releasing his grip he let his hand fall to his side blood on it as he looks up at the grey sky "In one life you..all you wanted was a cure for your madness. Driven insane and as you went along your path you found me...somehow I calmed your mind just being near you..and you protected me from people who saw my gift for seeing into the future as a tool for them to abuse." he began to close his eyes as he swayed his body a bit as if he was hearing and old tune in his head "During the nights when it was just the two of us we would dance. No music played we just held each other..listening to the sounds of  the night." raising his arms up he pretended he was holding his love again as he began to twist and move to the sounds of nature..his purple tail swaying being him "You treated me so different then other people. Like you generally never once asked me to use my powers for you. Nor did you want to be told of the future always said "It's no fun in the moment was better then knowing how it ends." and I respected your decision on that however, I didnt want you to suffer so I saw your future and didnt speak on it."

As his dancing stopped he pulled an oversized white trench coat around him..sniffing it as it still smelled of Rouen "I saw a man who went on to fight for what he wanted..not cause he was evil but, to end your suffering. Dragonic blood turned you mad would be blood of another dragon that could free you. Ironic in a way yet, poetic. The man who was cursed by drinking dragon blood...only to find peace in it." he shivered as the wind began to pick up a bit..keeping the coat around him to keep warm as he continued to remember the life "You wanted to find this dragon..part of you wanted the cure, the other half wanted more power and you battled yourself punishing yourself almost and I there to pick up your pieces to sing you to sleep or be your shoulder as you were strong me you revealed a side that I am sure no one saw. A broke and lost side that cried and felt great pain. I set you on a path I knew from my visions you must follow to find what you wanted." he began to drop to his knees as he noticed the blood on the coat now and chuckled a bit "A path I knew that would end giving you peace and bring peace to dragons who were being hunted for petty sport. Only this path I saw would bring it about and even though it pained me I pushed it along..I sought out the dragoness you wanted to find it was easy with my second sight and I told her of the future if she continued hiding and running."

Moving his semi bloody hand along the gravestone now he began to lower his head "How her hiding doomed dragons..and her wanting of a child or a peaceful life was not to be...her blood a special blood that would come once in while. So rare the dragons with this blood were considered great healers and almost royal in their brethren's eyes. As she heard this she became irate and ran off. However later she found what I spoke was truth. No child to be had and her blood sought for the power...after a bit you and her met and it was weird how calm you were. As if you had came to an understanding that it would soon end...or was it...was it cause you held the notion when it was done we would live forever happy?" touching his bloody head as his hair was now crimson...he took blood and drew a heart upon the headstone "Or was it something else? You always lived as you said in the moment. Yet the look in your eyes as you stood before this dragoness was not of eagerness as you shown in previous battles but, calm serene look. The calm before the storm or the calm before accepting ones demise? As you battled her others wanted to join to attack you. I talked them out of it speaking the truth of why? Did he not trust in her strength? Thought that he was so superior that he could keep her alive and bring an end to this vicious cycle? He was a selfish dragon..not even worthy of his heritage..he didnt want her to die and cared not of the war...turning a blind eye to it."

He drew a crack along the heart as it began to thunder storm clouds began to roll in as he looked up "The battle raged and it was taking on a full blooded dragon as if it was just an everyday thing. Then it happened, a strike both of you fell from the sky as your body crashed into the ground as did her's it was over. I went to you, your head in my lap as your eye color began to fade you said "I...told you was more in the moment. It's over right? I feel so tired..I just want to close my eyes." I nodded whispering it was over and hummed a soft lullaby to you as you died in my arms. The dragoness died shortly after as her blood lost all it's magical properties. The war ended soon after dragons no longer hunted for sport and in peace, you in what you wanted brought so many people great happiness yet were labeled a monster and evil. I found a journal you had left that spoke of how you wanted the blood to fix your shattered mind and live in peace. The last entry however struck me as odd it read"Today is the day..whatever comes is meant to be. The path I've had was long and hard yet today it ends. I havent a want anymore to stop my own madness as I've figured was the ghosts of the past...the dragons whose blood I drank begging for the war to stop. The words were there always I wasnt able to hear them or wanted to, when today ends the dawn of a new era will begin and Jaiden when we meet again tell me of it's beauty."   I did not to many years later I joined you in death..then another life begin in a new world. We were not together and it seemed the world had reset itself..a new year. New faces and a new problem."

He felt the rain begin as he looked at the headstone the blood washing away from it as well his hair "This time was no different it seemed as you and I met again, we loved each other, support each other with new friends. We were happy you werent a victim of a curse or anything just us however a new threat appeared and you sought it out with me and our new friends. Why? Why did you want to? We could of let others take care of it yet you said "Waiting doesnt make the problem go away..nor help anyone." we found the threat this time together and as we laid in agony from the sheer power this new threat stood there unfaltering as you had the same calmness in your eyes as you did last life you spoke to the threat "I havent a problem with what you are, or how you look..I care for what you are doing to everyone. I wish..this wasnt gonna end this way be great to call you a buddy and go drinking..or spar hell even go on adventures with everyone." as you were attacked you wrapped your arms around it and grinned as you used all of your remaining power to do a point blank attack to it. To do it however caused your life as you both fell. This is where we are now you buried...saving people again as I am left alone till next life. Why does it have to be this way? Will we not be able to live without you giving your life and I end up alone? In the next life..I pray to whatever divine spirits are watching please...let us have one life of happiness."