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Firestorm Six:
For those who like "powerful" computers to do CGI , Gaming, Digital art,  art scanning , or what ever you use a PC for, check out this computer package !

if you need power, this super computer should fill the bill ! read some of the specifications, 3.8 GHZ  HT processor, , 950 mhz FSB, up to two terabytes of storage, (2000 Gigabytes), up to 16 GB or DDR Ram, etc....   


2 terrabytes = 2048 gigabytes


Firestorm Six:
OOoops, my mis-calculation..... a bit more storage !  
   anybody like a wide-screen monitor ? about  92 inches wide ? .... here:

Heh, I was just looking at those. $17,499.99 seems a bit out of my price range though.

Firestorm Six:
kinda out of my range too, but wouldn't be nice to have one in every room ?  


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