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Have a question about files in windows


Ok i have a fairly simple question, can one copy program files, i mean the files for the entire program and its saves, onto another hard drive? In this case lets say Flight Simulator 2002, I need to reformet my hd and i dont want to loose all the files i have downloaded off the net, so if i copy evey single file/folder of this program to the other hard drive, and then delete the original folders/files, will it still run properly? If you know please post, thank you.  

It should work fine. Unless it creates registry files and such.....Just try it out on the other harddrive before formatting the origional drive.

I don't know much about them but isn't that what ghosting is all about?  You can get programs that will create an exact replica of the hard drive, registry included, so that you can just copy it straight to another machine.  I think it burns it to discs and then you can use them as many times as you like - as far as I'm aware anyway.
GHOST stands for General Hardware Oriented Software Transfer by the way.
It's just you might hit registry problems if you try to copy each individual folder manually.

What do you'se mean by 'registery' problems?

When a program installs in Windows it puts it's files on the hard drive.  But it also installs information in the Windows "registery" files.  This information usialy tells windows how to files and access certian program files and is needed to run most advanced programs.



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