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nVIDIA, the rise and fall

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Darius Greywind:
I should point out that part of why I find it amazing that nVIDIA is messed up now, is that they pretty much came out of nowhere to steal 3dfx's spotlight with the GeForce card. It was really amazing performance for it's time. And it was a lot smaller, cheaper, and sucked less power than the top of the line Voodoo 5 5500. Now the Radeon series has almost the same advantages over nVIDIA's FX lineup. Talk about role reversal.

My "old" athlon 1.4Ghz system has an ALi magik chip on it's board, and the reviews did make it one of the fastest boards out there, only if you could get a properly working one (and I do...).

But yeah, ATi is really a card to have lots of respect for. I'm a former NVidia afficionado, and I switched to their canadian competitor when I saw what they did with the 45.XX+ drivers, before forceware. I mean, illegal driver optimizations for benchmarking is NOT something I look keenly on.
Sure, ATi use driver optimizations as well. BUT they do bring a difference in real games as well, not just benchmarking.
Hence, why I didn't bother with a GeForce FX and went with my Radeon 9600PRO instead. Even if they have not-as-good OpenGL support than NVidia, this is something I'm willing to live with if I'm going to have a stable, performant system.c

Now, if they can bring those new radeons out... I'll get myself a 9800PRO XT for cheap! XD

*hugs his hercules 3d prophet radeon 9800 pro*

gotta overclock it a few someday


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