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What really "grinds your gears"?

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I'm usually an angry person most of the time, but I manage to tone it down most of the time. But there are those things, those little things that just make me you berserk.You know what I'm talking about, that little thing that makes your eye twitch and your blood boil when it happens.

Of what I figured for myself, I have two such cases.

I can't stand when my computer doesn't work for no reason. I'm not talking about crashes or error messages. There was this time I turned on my computer and the keyboard and mouse wouldn't work, for no reason. Give me a reason why it isn't working and it would be fine. I had to move the secretary and the pc to plug them on other USB ports, and then the speakers cables were in the way. Next thing I know, there's keyboard, mouse, speakers flying across the room along with shoes, jackets, my guitar, adapters, whatever was in hand. Even the chair took a kick, but it fought back, since I still have a bump in my leg 6 months after.

There's another thing, to a lesser extent, since I'm subjected to it every day, and that is when people don't use the turning signals while driving. Really? Is it that hard to flicker your finger whenever you want to make a turn? We gave loads of roundabouts here. I have to go trough 19 everyday, and if people just used the turning signals, things would go much smoother since a lot of the stopping from people coming in would be avoidable. It just sounds selfish to me. It's a complete disregard for other people, their safety and your own and it's not hard. I had presumably stopped cars just merge in front of me out of the blue with no warning at all, and some of them just stopping near the side-walk with no indicator. Screw the lesser extent, I'm getting mad just talking about it. So I better end here.

You probably have at least one such case, what is it?

animal abuse.... when ever i see some one do anything mean to an animals (kicking, hitting, burning, cutting, throwing, ect) i just.... im not so sure if i can say this on the forums but i just feel like killing them..... (not that i would) they have completely no right to do any of that. i can still keep control and not hurt/break any of my things but when i see it.... i just can't stand those people....

My pet peve is people that are noisy. Not like, speaking noisy. Like if they breath loudly, or their innards gurgle. It's annoying, and makes me squeamish.

Old Rabbit:
What angers me the most?

"Greedy people"  Seems to be the root of most problems in society.
It seems the emotion is needed in part to succeed. The desire to
get rich, not just in money, but goods or property. But to excess
it's destructive. Eventually to society it's self.

A rant thread!  ^__^  Just kidding, i won't get too riled up, and i promise not to set people on fire... like last time <.<   >.>   <.<   Heh heh...

Ooooh... where to start...  Ah, people i don't know who try to talk to me with no explainable reason.  I can't stand when that happens.  Also, when somebody you knew from a long time ago recognizes you and tries to get you to join whatever it is they might be doing at the moment.  Only happened a couple of time, but it's irritating nonetheless.  This is more annoying than anything else, but worth mentioning, i suppose.

Oooh yeeeah, and people who get unreasonably annoyed with traffic and street lights.  Seriously people, are you that impatient?  I don't care if that light takes a full three minutes, as so long as we get where we're going much faster than if we had walked.  That guy in front of you driving too slow?  Deal with it.  If you're that irritable while driving, in my opinion, you shouldn't be driving to begin with.   And don't get me started on text messaging while behind the wheel.  That's why you carpool and have one of the passengers do that crap for you.  Then again, i just hate cars to begin with, so i suppose none of this should come as much of a surprise.  Once again, a mere pet peeve compared to the utter infuriation that i'm about to get to.

Ah, and finally, people who smoke in the wrong places.  First of all, i absolutely despise the people who smoke RIGHT NEXT TO THE [NO SMOKING] SIGN!!  You have no idea how much that pisses me off.  Great fun to have to walk through a reeking cloud of death as you exit a building.  And then there are those times where you're having a great time out at lunch, when some guy pulls up gets out of his car and lights one up.  Oh yeah... AND THEN HE SITS RIGHT NEXT TO YOU.  Day: Ruined.  Nothing turns a smile around like being in the jet stream of the airborne asphyxiation that drifts out of his deathstick.  Seriously people, if you want to smoke, dig a hole in the ground, or find some abandoned building or something.  I don't care what you do, but it's incredibly rude to smoke too close to other people.  Now, if you're smoking and some other people come after the fact, i say you have rights to the area, for the moment anyway.  But if a group of people are sitting at a table, don't sit right next to them; a big scary monster might burst out of the ground and eat you.  (Of course, said monster would have absolutely nothing to do with [Project Big Scary Monster], an extremely ambitious and dangerous project i'm currently working on.)

Aaahhhhhhhhhh.... that felt good...  Heh, Ahem, Alright! Chop chop! Back to the lair, plotting to do, things to blow up, horribly unspeakable acts to... um... enact...  Ha!  It's just another working day for me.  *Runs off while skipping and singing Skip to my Lou.*


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