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What makes a pet?

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What do y'all think makes a good pet?
I think the standard of dogs and cats are good but I also like something a little more exciting.
Like rodents, rabbits, reptiles/amphibians, ferrets, birds(for some people) and some small exotics(Sugar gliders, foxes, wallabies) make good pets.
Wolfdogs too for the right person.

Bringing this up because my dad thinks rats and birds do not make good pets and keep telling that, that means they aren't good pets for him. This also means I might be allowed to keep rats in the future  :(

Also if this goes in the debate form please put there.

cause the rat:
What you like. What you want and what you love. That is what makes a good pet.

Jade Sinapu:
I like a pet that can sit on bed and not soil it, so it can sleep near me.  I like a pet that I can hug.  I like a pet that can understand just enough so that things go smoothly.  I like a pet that I can trust. If the pet can't be trained much it should be smaller than myself so it can't eat me easily.

Honestly I would love to have a bear.  🐻
If they could be trained well enough I bet they could be really cool!
Honestly,  predators are the pets for me,  again if they were trained and docile. 

So in the end, it is a dog for me. 🐶  :goldthpt:


--- Quote ---Honestly,  predators are the pets for me,  again if they were trained and docile. 
--- End quote ---

No matter how well trained a wild animal may be to have for a "pet", they are too unpredictable.
A person can take the animal out of the wild. But you can never take the "wild" out of an animal. ;)

Jade Sinapu:
If I could live 40,000 years and domesticate the bear, I would give future humanity the pet bear!

Imagine how much of a loss it would be if people have their way and the domestic dog was made extinct because of 100% enforced sterilization world wide.  Seems some want that.
Apparently in L.A. an intact pet is illegal!?  What the flip?
It isn't like they grow on trees!

Back to the thread, a good pet is domesticated enough for humans and it to live together.


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