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Wearing a tail in public

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What the subject says.  I'm wearing it right now, sitting here in the library.  Nobody's commented on it yet, and that's just fine with me.  X3

It scared the crap out of me when I was about ten feet from my house, but I'm better now.  I think I'll have to start wearing my tail out more often.   :)

That's great! I'm trying to find myself a tiger tail. I have a tiger hat with ears on it's way :) I don't think I'll take either of them off :D Maybe I'll get some paws... too (:

I'll be scared too, but the more we do it the easier it will get not only for us, but others too :D

That occurred to me, since there's a distinctive lack of furriness in the doomy city in which I live.  (I saw someone in a mascot costume walking down a prominent street at midday once, but that's another thing entirely)  Maybe I can persuade others to 'take the plunge', as it were.

P.S., I'm wearing a grey stripey cat tail, but I made a white tiger tail and ears for someone.  ------->

It was for a cosplay thing, but I got paid for it.  :3

I love them! Especially the tiger tail :D I'm not a white tiger, though  :P
I'm still wondering whether to get paws too... Dunno if I'd wear them or not =/ Probably would as it's so cold and miserable in lovely ol' Britain. I have my hat with ears on in the post :D

That's the one thing that people from different countries can agree on; we both like to wear tails, ears, and other furry things.

International Furriness FTW.


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