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The Collar Thread

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Hahaha nope I made sure that they weren't set. I just clicked them together to hold the piece on.

I used to where my collar around certain places but I still haven't had that talk with my parents and I live in a smaller town so if I bump into someone that knows them or others for that matter it would get around quickly. I miss wearing all the time though

I bought a red collar on Black Friday. I was going to the next town over alone, so I wore it out. I was very, very nervous at first. Almost took it off. So glad I didn't
The first guy who saw me was an older guy and he gave me such a weird look lol. What was most interesting is I found that apparently at least some people are willing to look past the collar (at least, when you're about to spend $100) and treat you perfectly normal. I was still kind of nervous at the end, but was glad I took the leap and did it.
Later I added on a little bone shaped tag that has "ROCCO" engraved on it :) I love my collar, wear it to bed most nights (I love being on the top of a triple bunk). I'll have to post a picture of it later


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