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Did something a bit strange by accident

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Ok so this happened earlier today. I was here at home, browsing sofurry and listening to metal, typical day for me. Dad went out to run errands and visit our relatives the Martinez's. The following occured when he came back home:

Dad: *Comes into room with raw packaged meat* "Hey son check this out, [Hunter relative from the Martinez's ] gave us this nice elk meat!
Me: *Looks at packaged raw elk* "Mmm, it smells good."
Dad: 0_0

Iara Warriorfeather:
I can't resist meat, either...usually cooked, but any time there is steak or something ready to be prepped, I start getting antsy.  :D

cause the rat:
Getting hungry just thinking about it! Good eats!

Meat smells awesome! Nice and mineral-y and clean if it's nice and fresh. So good!



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