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Walking Digitigrade?


Hello. I am a relatively new furry. I tend to walk on the front of my feet most of the time. I almost feel lazy walking the "normal" way. However, I'm not sure if walking digitigrade feels more natural to me, or if I just want it to be. So, I'm wondering, is there any reason for me to stop, medical or otherwise?

Hi there, I've been walking up on my toes since I could walk, to the point that I feel uncomfortable to walk the normal way (without shoes on. With shoes I walk normally). I spend a lot of time barefoot, and only walk with my heels down when in company with someone I don't know well, or when walking very slowly.

The short answer is, the exact potential problems can depend on why you walk on your toes. There can be underlying medical conditions (such as shortened tendons, bone blocks, and various foot issues) which cause it and would require medical attention. It can also be an early marker for autism (again, hi, worth noting I am on the autistic spectrum, but very high functioning), and is more common in men than in women.

It can also just be that some people prefer to do it. This is called idiopathic toe walking. A lot of children go through a phase of toe-walking and then grow out of it, but some don't.

I've done a lot of reading about this over the years to try and work out if it is something that I should worry about, or try and fix, and the simple answer is.... Probably not as long as you are careful about it and don't do it constantly. Common issues from constant toe walking can include tight calf muscles and lack of ankle movement, as well as occasionally other leg joint issues, an increased chance of slipping and falling, etc. Personally, I am quite prone to pulling on the tendons around the outside edge of the ankle. You can help avoid these issues with stretches and just... walking flat footed sometimes.

So while it isn't something you have to stop doing completely, I would recommend you don't do it all the time.

(I am not a doctor but I have had a life of walking like this and done some research, if you are genuinely concerned then talk to your medical practitioner)

Jade Sinapu:
I will only walk digi if I am trying to be super quiet.  Or if I am playing with the dog and pretending to get ready to pounce. She sees me get on my toes and gets alert.

But too much for me and my feet hurt. 

But if you are okay with it, go for it. 
Also all that Loc said.

Kay Alett:
When I was young I used to walk on my toes a lot till my parents forced me to walk the "normal" way.
If you have the freedom to do so then one thing you can try doing is making a simple set of digi-stilts. They don't have to be anything complex like the $100+ digileg stilts you can buy online that'll add a couple extra feet to your height. Instead you can get some lightweight aluminium and some spare shoes and make something that will allow you to walk digi-style but without putting undue pressure on your arches.
Look up tutorials on youtube such as "how to make hoof shoes" and "Making simple digi stilts" these tutorials can give you an idea of where to begin and spur your imagination but Please, if money is a limitation then I urge you to do as much research into their construction as you can, take your time and brainstorm the design.

There is nothing that sucks more than buying a lot of material and then realizing you lack the tools and capability to proceed with your project.

I have to say I do like toe-ish walking when I'm not wearing shoes. It seems a lot more silent and easier in a sense. Of course, I don't do it constantly and when I do, I try to make sure my heels still touch the ground.


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