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Well, its official. I'm planning on going to AC '05 in Philedelphia, Pennsylvania July 7-10, 2005.

For Information:

I'm really wanting to find a group of 4-6 people for a room to share and I really would love it if I could find someone to ride with from down here in the south (Alabama). Of course I'm definitly willing to throw out some gas money and I'm definitly up for getting a suite at the Adams Mark hotel (the main one at AC) to chill in and maybe have a room party. ^_^

This is going to be the absolute best con that I've ever been too. I can't wait to hear from all of you guys that are planning on going. Again, I'm so hoping that some of you would be willing to go int with me and get a room together

*NOTE: I have been to the AC site and read some of the discussions, AC will not be moving to Pittsburgh until AC 2007 if they move there at all *

My annual plan includes AC, although Morphicon is higher on my priority list currently.  I have some Ohio Furs that I have been dieing to meet.

But plans for AC must be made well in advance.  The Adams Mark fills up fast.  I was checking out the site last year and remember seeing that it was full well in advance.

The key would be to at least get a room reserved.

Sorry, all--
July means Family Vacation. Usually Relatives fly here and we spend Fourth of July week at MouseLand. (Heads up, Katty!

So I'll have to be satisfied with all the pictures you take and hearing all the stories you tell.

But hey, FWA is only 76 days away, I'll get to see you all soon!

Sorry to hear that DaddyKat *cries* I really wanted you to be there too. Oh, and it's 86 days to FWA, not 76 silly. :P Although skipping ahead 10 days wouldn't bug me any...Lol

I won't be going for 2005 due to unavailability of financial resources (money).    But I do hope to make it for 2006. And if I fail that, then it will probably be better if I go in 2007 when AC moves to a bigger venue in Pittsburgh.


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